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  1. sclough

    Aftermarket turn signal bulb/flasher question

    Ok, I'm posting this in hopes it will help somebody else who is not always as dense as I am. I finally had to sit down, pray, and then think this through. First, look at your bulbs! In my case the dual filament ones on the aftermarket blinkers were 12V/23/8W which means (you guessed it!) that the primary filament was 23 W and the secondary one is 8. Guess which one I had wired in? After swapping the black wire for the red, I am now on the 23W one and guess what, things flash! I did learn along the way that Napa has a $10 electronic flasher for those of you with truly mis-matched bulbs. It replaces the 552 thermal flasher and should work for about any bulbs, but I do not think it will work with leds. Another note is that things (including blinkers) don't work exactly right when your battery is dead. I had to put a charge on my battery to get things to work right and I'm going to pick up a new battery on the way home from work today since my old one won't hold a charge. Hope this helps somebody...
  2. sclough

    Aftermarket turn signal bulb/flasher question

    I went to Autozone asking for a Wagner 552 flasher as per the post on max Suzuki and they gave me a flasher that had 552 on it, but did not say Wagner anywhere (which I assume is a brand). Anyway, the weird thing is the flashers would work at low rpms (under 4k), but not at 4k or over. At higher rpms, they did not even light up. I'm going to try a different flasher and see if I can find the famed "Wagner" flasher at Napa. For the electrical gurus out there, I should also mention that my battery is dead (I have a 350S kickstart model). It holds a very weak charge for a minute or so only after I've ridden it a while to charge it. I'm not sure if that would affect anything. I also noticed that when the bike was revved to around 4k, not only would the flashers stop but the tach needle would bounce around. I wouldn't think this would be caused by the flasher, but I've never noticed it before.
  3. sclough

    Aftermarket turn signal bulb/flasher question

    According to this thread: http://www.maximum-suzuki.com/ibf/index.php?showtopic=24718&hl=flasher , if you have bulbs that are less than stock (i.e. less than 21W) , it should be as simple as a new flasher. I'm going to try it tonight and I'll post results.
  4. sclough

    Aftermarket turn signal bulb/flasher question

    I'm not an electrical expert at all, so I can't discuss it intelligently, but according to archived posts I've read (mostly at max-suzuki), if the watts on your bulbs are not high enough, the flasher won't flash. Something about something in the flasher not getting hot enough. Apparently the solution is to change bulbs or change the flasher and since the bulbs are proving to be hard to come by, I'm trying to figure out if I can just swap out the flasher with the mismatch between the front and rear bulbs.
  5. I had to replace my rear turn signals on my DR350 and replaced them with ones that basically look stock so the bike still matches visually. The problem is that the new ones use a dual filament 8W bulb. The fronts are still factory and use the 21W bulb. Now, they won't flash because the rears are not 21W. I have not been able to find a 21W bulb that will fit the rears yet, but I'm still looking. My other option is to replace the flasher. Does anybody know if I can just swap the flasher? Will it matter that the fronts are pulling 21W and the rears 8W? If that works, can anyone suggest a particular flasher unit?
  6. sclough

    Replacement Turn Signals

    Ebay had them for $20 a piece which is about half the dealer price. Not as good a deal as the Buell's, but I'm not in the mood to replace all 4 so that they will match.
  7. sclough

    Replacement Turn Signals

    Thanks, I tried that, but they didn't have any that were DOT approved. I guess I'll hunt around ebay and some other oem parts places.
  8. sclough

    Replacement Turn Signals

    I just picked up a 93 Dr350 and the wiring in the rear turn signals is bad. The easiest thing is going to be just replacing it. I've heard the Buell blast units are cheap and fit. Any other recommendations? I'm not looking to mod up, just get the rear signals working so I'm street legal and something that doesn't look out of place on the bike. Oh, yea, if it's cheaper than the almost $40 a piece the factory units are that would be great too.