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  1. Here's a stumper for everyone: My bike was running great one day...2 weeks later I had a lot of trouble starting it. When it finally fired, the RPMs were screaming so I immediately shut it down, checked out everything on the carb, throttle was closed, started it back up. Same thing. I closed the air screw ALL THE WAY. Now it idles closer to normal, runs like crap, and burns gas like a dump truck. I have taken apart the carb twice and cleaned it, the jets are clear, I rebuilt the top end with all new gaskets, the reeds look good, the spark plug is new, the exhaust valve is functioning properly, the throttle slide is firmly closing, the rubber between the air filter and carb, and carb and reeds are not cracked. So...why the hell is my bike idling at 7,000 RPMs?!? Nothing was changed between when it ran good and now. Anybody seen this happen before? Is there just a huge airleak somewhere internally? I'm lost.