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  1. i dont know how many miles are on your bike but you should try cleaning your rotors and pads if they are contaminated or glazed it can hinder performance
  2. you may already know this but the bike has to be running for the lights to work.
  3. its probably just due to temp these things run warm it would be a good idea to install an over flow bottle, i know there are other threads on this. as far as changing the cap a lower number would mean less pressure to open cap witch would be more overflow.
  4. the screens should catch anything damaging before it gets to the filter.
  5. thanks for the ideas guys i will try these out.
  6. well the plug says its not lean ill try the fuel screw , do you think it would cause my problem? it runs very well at all rpm otherwise
  7. i have a 07 450 xc-w and my friend has the same bike with out the problem, this problem has been here since new. when i try to adjust idle it stays the same until i ride then if you pull in the clutch it will idle high but then slowly come back down and i am not sure where to start it is stock jetting but it isnt running lean. and runs great otherwise. what do you guys think.
  8. you could even buy you a wr450 and her a wr250 and have pretty similar bikes and with some after market plastic you could make her bike a different color, because for 07 the frame is no longer blue and i believe the tank is black and everything else that is blue is resonable to purchase. just my opinion