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    new women riding gear line

    I know the gear is a lite color and it's really not made for racers but for free style riding it's perfect. I washed mine and It came out clean. I just like it because all the guys in the desert know when I pass them its a chick not another guy. When I stop they come by my camp and talk to us its totally cool to have them realize that chicks can ride just as good a most guys.
  2. Moto Mom

    new women riding gear line

    Hello all I'm new to TT I'm one of the first to purchase this gear the reason I bought it was the way it fits. I know there is other gear out there but it fits the same as all the men ride gear. The pics do not do it justice I saw it in person at the Adelanto Grand Prix thats when I decided to buy it. I went riding a few weeks ago with my family I wore the gear all day it is very comfortable and when I washed it it came clean. I went to the web site and clicked on the pic of the gear and posted my comments. Color isn't a big thing I want to be comfortable when I ride.