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  1. Looking for a 6.0 shock spring to fit my 07 KX450. Also looking for some .50 fork springs for same bike. Thank you.
  2. Hey guys, I'm trying to install my sub mount GPR V4 with my IMS oversize tank and I'm having some issues. I told the guy I ordered the kit from I was running the bigger tank and he said no problem. Well, either he was mistaken or I received the wrong kit. GPR doesn't have the kits listed on their website to verify so I thought I'd see if anybody else encountered this. It looks like i could grind the post bracket down, but it would make it too thin walled in my opinion. Any help would be appreciated. I'm gonna try to reach GPR to see what they say about a different kit, but just thought I'd see if anyone had a solution here first. Thanks in advance for any help! Oh, the bike is an 07 KX450F.