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    DR650 Buell Headlight Mod

    I've seen a few different bikes with the Buell headlight mod and I'm curious if the rake of the windscreen is adjustable when you install it? It looks like a couple have been a little more vertical than others (may just be the pic angle though), which is what I don't want. Looking for something that is a little sleeker and sexier! Also, any issues with powering these lights compared with OEM light? Thanks
  2. Looking at a bike that is currently registered in Idaho as street legal (it's an xr650r turned dual-sport), but on the title it says 'Not Manufactured for public roads, highways' etc. I talked to the DOL here in Bellingham an they said that because the title says that I cannot register it as street legal without an inspection from he state patrol. I call the state patrol office and they are closed but I find out that I don't need it inspected if it's already registered or licensed in a different state, I just take the paperwork down to the country auditor's office and they'll switch things up. I'm REALLY interested in this bike, but I don't want fudged out of a street legal bike. Anyone have any advice/experience here?! Thanks jeff