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  1. pacree

    Picked up a 'new' XR250R

    GREAT LOOKING bike Mike. Getting the plate shouldn't be a problem looks like now.
  2. pacree

    Somebody tell me why not to do this deal

    Because now you have hesitated and some other dude is at this very moment loading it in his truck
  3. pacree

    Bike not running right!! XR250R

    Are you washing the bike while it's running? If so thats why you have to change muffler bearings. Muffler bearings suck, and when the bike is running sucks the exhaust out, then when you wash it with the bike running will suck water in not letting the exhaust out. H2O (liquid) being heavier than CO (gas). Does that make sense? You can install a Kuhneutson Valve so that when you wash the bike with it running it will let the exhaust escape and the water in, to help clean your engine inside and out. That way you will no longer be having a problem with your muffler bearings after you pressure wash your bike.
  4. pacree

    XR250 handguards

    Sounds to me they may have sent the wrong triple clamp mounts. How far off are they? Your probably going to have to send them back whether you want to or not.
  5. pacree

    Tubes vs No Tubes on Avon Distanzia

    I say go with tubes, I don't believe the XR wheels can go tubeless.
  6. pacree

    trickdualsport user's.........

    Do you have a link to hyperled's store I tried searching but HyperLED has 0 feedback and nothing for sale
  7. pacree

    should I get 2000 XR400 for $1500?

    Hey I don't blame you a bit. anytime you have spare beer money life is good, then extra money for food it don't get any better than that
  8. pacree

    New Xr Dude

    Heya welcome TT sds. This is a great place, and great people. If it's been done to an XR you can read about it here. If you can't find it just ask and someone can usually make up an answer
  9. pacree

    should I get 2000 XR400 for $1500?

    Sounds like Buck has XR fever. You gonna have different flavors of XR4's different riding Buck? Phil
  10. pacree

    XR400 Swingarm pivot bolt diameter?

    Because this bolt is not permanently greased. It will start rusting and bond to the engine casing, swingarm bushings everything it touches and then it is stuck. It should be taken out once a year or there about and greased.
  11. pacree

    XR 400 Idle Speed Screw

    I adjust mine by ear. I adjust till the RPM's get to the level that feels right to me. I've never measured, just turn it in or out till it sounds right to me.
  12. pacree

    new to site and new bike

    Yeah I've saw SM's around here and down on the Dragon (http://www.tailofthedragon.com/) and they will smoke the rice rockets. I saw a video on You Tube of a guy on a SM he was chasing a crotch rocket and in a turn he drops in under the guy passing him, in the turn. He comes out of the turn brings the front end up in the air, you can see his hand leave the bars coming up to his helmet and flips the camera to view behind him now. The crotch rocket can catch him in the straights but when he gets in the turns he drops way back.
  13. pacree

    XR 400 Idle Speed Screw

    ok thats an easy one, 1.74625cm hahahaa good luck
  14. pacree

    new to site and new bike

    that's an awesome looking bike. I wish they was available here still. An XR400SM would really rock on the roads around here.
  15. pacree

    XR 400 Idle Speed Screw

    11/16in = .6875in = 17.4625mm hope that helps