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  1. djshiznit

    Yamaha xt225

    An XT specific forum would kick ass. I just picked up an 85 XT350 the other day (my first street legal motorcycle). It'd be nice to have a "home" to go to online where people can exchange info on these bikes. I'd like to see what kind of performance and asthetic mods are available for these bikes
  2. djshiznit

    '91 Yz125

    Hey that bike looks familiar... Sorry had to post whore I do need to get the seat re-covered. I can't decide if I want to re-do it in red, or blue. Hmmmmm. Decisions, decisions. Nice lookin' bike though
  3. djshiznit

    XT Poeple out there??

    I just picked up an 85 XT350 the other day. I love it! My first street bike. I figured I'd learn on it for a year or so before picking up a sport bike. After that, it'll probably mainly see short trips to the store, and dirt / trail riding with my YZ. Well, maybe not - but that's my thought at this point in time