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  1. Thanks for the replies. We didn't have the bike long before it started throwing the chain. And actually because it threw the chain we ended up getting a better motor for it as it cracked the case on the motor that came with it. We've been through changing the rear axle a couple of times - the bolt we purchased this last time will never bend. We've changed the front sprocket, gone through a few chains. The last one is brand new as the one before this was tracking crooked. It was twisting back and forth. When he put the new chain on - it tracked perfectly straight. We think the previous chain ended up getting bent from being thrown and twisted in the rear tire so much. He has a chain roller but not a chain guide. Everything seems to be straight and tight. We are at a loss right now and welcome all the ideas we can get.
  2. Hey guys. I'm the wife of a pit bike racer. We cheaped out when we bought his bike and went with a piece of junk off ebay. We didn't plan on him racing it when we bought it. Well, needless to say, we have put many mods on the bike, changed the motor, big bore kit, exhaust, body, etc. He is now having problems with the bike throwing the chain. He thinks it may be the swing arm flexing due to the more powerful motor. We just purchased a new chain and it was fine for a few rides but then threw it off again and broke the side cover. Any suggestions? We are thinking of buying a new swing arm and shock. Another problem is he currently has disk brakes and they are mounted with a bracket to his swing arm. Is there a special swing arm we need to look for? Has anyone ran into this problem or have any ideas? Help is greatly appreciated as he just doesn't have the time to take care of this - it's pretty much left up to me to do the research.