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  1. kman1

    Rear Shock...

    My dealer hooked me up with a fox shock from a polaris snowmobile m-10 suspension. Charged me $150 and he will rebuild it for me everytime it breaks down (that's if it does). I'm totally blown away how it works so good for a pit bike...it's exactly the same size as the stock one i had. He set it very nice, no complaints from me!
  2. kman1

    1st pit

    How the heck are we supposed to know what the you're talking about??
  3. kman1

    Getting one of theses babies road legal

  4. kman1

    Just a heads-up to SSR125-E owners...

    Where do I pick one up?
  5. kman1

    Just a heads-up to SSR125-E owners...

    I have a 125-D, is there any difference between the models besides front shocks?
  6. kman1

    what tires?

    Bridgestone's aren't bad, Kenda Millville's are sweet(you can get them in color too), and Michelin's are pretty good too.
  7. kman1


    Thanks guys!
  8. kman1

    Dirt Track Tires?

    I pesonally think bridgestone tires are best for racing. Helps on the corners a lot! Check out mxmotorsports.us or denniskirk.com
  9. kman1


    What graphics kits does everyone have? Where can I get some cheap ones from? Good looking, but low price...
  10. kman1

    !!!Looking for an Engine!!!

  11. kman1

    SSR c-4 POPPING!

    How do you like that bike? I got the SSR e or d. Its like the c-4, just with bigger wheels. I ordered mine yesterday and can't wait to see how she rides.
  12. kman1

    does anyone race their pit bike at a track?

    Dirt or pavement?
  13. kman1


    One of my buddies ordered from their and experienced exactly what you are. Your not going to get it here by Friday, well I guess that depends where you live. He was pissed with the place, he got it in about 4 weeks... a decently long time. But, I'm in the same position from where I ordered. I guess these bikes are going like hotcakes and the suppliers can't keep up. And yeah, they don't reply very often if at all... it sucks, but I feel your pain. I'm right with you on that one!
  14. Yeah, I would have gotten the blue one, but the crew I'm going to ride with wants everyone to have their own color so I got red. They come in black and yellow too I guess.
  15. I just ordered a cheap ass one about 3 weeks ago...but I have not a clue if the damn thing is a scam or not. http://www.x18-super-pocket-bikes.com/dirtbikes/?OVRAW=125cc%20pit%20bikes&OVKEY=125cc%20bike%20pit&OVMTC=standard