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  1. noels69

    Carb adjustment

    That makes complete sense. Thanks for the input Al. Noel
  2. noels69

    Carb adjustment

    Al, Is just float pressure against the spring ok with the carb upside down? Thanks Noel
  3. noels69

    Carb adjustment

    Andy, I have the carb off now. It looks like the needle is fine but I have a replacement. With the carb upside down with just float pressure against the spring the measurement is less than 12.5mm. I'll set that, clean the carb and see how it runs. Noel
  4. noels69

    Carb adjustment

    Thanks guys! I'll set the pilot screw at 1 3/4 to start. The one on the bowl seems to be part of the vent tube and won't drain the bowl. Am I missing something obvious? It's a '98. I don't want to buy a manual as this is his last year on it, getting too big. Appreciate the help. Noel
  5. noels69

    Carb adjustment

    Just bought a new needle for my son's xr 100 carb. Leaks out the overflow. There are three adjustments on the carb it seems: 1. the idle screw, 2. there is a screw with o-ring on the bottom of the float bowl and 3. screw with spring and o-ring on the base of the carb towards the cylinder. Can someone tell me what the starting point adjustment is for #2 and #3. Thanks Noel
  6. noels69

    '98 xr 100 float setting

    Which is 12.5 mm. Thanks very much for the reply! That helps. Noel
  7. noels69

    '98 xr 100 float setting

    Hi, First post. Really enjoy the site. Can someone give me the correct setting for the 100 float? I've seen 2 numbers 12.5mm and 21.5mm from searches. Also can you confirm that this is from the base of the carb to the bottom of the float. Thanks for the help. Noel