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  1. Thanks for the help
  2. I need a new ignition coil for my 2004. I know that it is different in 2005 but I am wondering if the 05 will work on the 04? any help will be appreciated
  3. sweet bike!!! that track looks awesome too
  4. I would go with the CF.
  5. are you allowed to race the 144's with the 250f's??
  6. looks like fun!!!
  7. nice... I wish i could have a track in my backyard
  8. WOW!!!!
  9. That yz is clean for an 03
  10. Looks good:thumbsup:
  11. My dads exc450 has done that before, the first time it happened he took out the carb and cleaned it out and it worked fine. But the last time we were riding it did the same when he first started but this time he decided to ride it for about 2-3 minutes and it stopped leaking and we did not have another problem that whole day. If it does it again let it run for a few minutes and if it dosent stop you should probably clean out your carb to see if there is any sand in there or something
  12. Man, You guys are soo lucky to have a track in your backyard.
  13. I would love a 125 forum too........go for it!!!