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  1. phatty

    Pucker Video - South Fork of the Salmon River

    Haha no I said you were acting like a greenie, locking up land for yourself and nobody else! Well next biking weekend for me is the 18th maybe I can find this place by then on a side note, my bike hugged a few trees today!
  2. phatty

    Pucker Video - South Fork of the Salmon River

    Seriously is it near stanley or what? Stop being trail prudes and put out the info! You guys are no better than greenies locking up trails for themselves! I wanna ride this thing tomorrow! I've got 1 more free weekend and this just made my decision! Help a brother out!
  3. phatty

    Pucker Video - South Fork of the Salmon River

    i want to ride this trail tomorrow, how do i get there? im serious, salmon isnt too far from my parents house, i want to ride it!!!
  4. Thanks man! That will work
  5. Just inherited my sisters bike, 04 CRF250R. I have a question on transmission oil, and engine oil! Since i didnt get a manual with it, I searched for a owners manual online and found a lot for purchase. I searched on this forum to find which oil goes where and how much to use and found nothing helpful... so... Which side does engine oil go on? Which side does tranny oil go on? And is there alternatives to use besides the honda shop spendy stuff? Thanks in advance
  6. phatty

    Who rides American Fork Canyon in Utah?

    Hola! I might know a thing or two about american fork canyon
  7. So Im taking a trip to Cali next week for 9 days. I have some buddies showing me there local riding for 3 of the days and will be hiking Yosemite for 3 days. Which gives me a day or two to ride somewhere along the 395 between Sonora Junction and Mono City. I have been told to check out the Bodie ghost town and was hoping that i would find some good single track back on the west side of the 395 for some afternoon riding. Can anyone tell me if there are some high mountain single tracks by Twin lakes (south of bridgeport) or off the Virginia Lakes Road? Or even any old jeep roads up through there that would be worth checking out? Scenery is just as important as riding as Im bringing the canon and some big glass! Thanks in advance!
  8. phatty

    Northern Utah Dirt Trails????

    You should go up to the AF summit trailhead and ride the 252 and the 150. Stay in that general area. when you move north your going to get steeper rockier terrain. Dont go to tibble fork till you conisder yourself at least intermediate.
  9. phatty

    Red Cone Mountain / Webster Pass Trail

    i took my girlfriend down 2 years ago and I had taught her how to ride about 3 weeks before. She was able to handle almost all the roads up in there. So dont rule it out!!!
  10. phatty

    Denverite jealous of Salt Lake riding

    You obviously did not run into any horsemen up there... and the mountain bikers are becoming like mosquitoes... still there are so many fantastic trails up that canyon! and its 30 minutes from down town! I love it!!!
  11. phatty

    Red Cone Mountain / Webster Pass Trail

    if i come down to stay at my condo in keystone i would be down for a ride! sure is pretty up there in the "spring" time!!!
  12. Got an offer and changed the plans, camping for the weekend and riding my tires off!
  13. Will be leaving work around 12-1 and heading out to ride. Thinking about either the Ben Lomond Skyline trail or Bountiful (great western trail) or even AF or hobble creek... I am currently in clearfield and have my bike with me and a cooler full of drinks! give me a buzz if you want to hook up for a ride today phatty 208-390-5538
  14. phatty

    Newb to SLC/Ogden area

    yes you will need a long track for the utah pow pow... check it out! its deep out here! http://boondockersmovie.com/boondockers_alive_trailer/
  15. phatty

    YZ450F for Trails????

    tell me about the breather re-route?