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  1. cardoc

    DR-Z education please

    Excellent info, thanks all.
  2. cardoc

    DR-Z education please

    Yes, USA. After reading the above referenced thread, it looks like the last year for uncorked "E" was a 49 state 2006. I would guess that plenty of folks have hotted up some newer "S" models to mimic the performance of the older E models. Thanks a bunch for the replies. Any comments about the suspension in super rocky off road conditions? Too mushy? Old school XR like? What's the weight of these things? I've seen 315 lbs and I've seen 270.
  3. cardoc

    DR-Z education please

    Forgive my lack of DR-Z knowledge but hey, I've got to start somewhere. I'm thinking about picking up a used DR-Z for a hard core dual sport bike. I can register any model so I want the most dirt worthy of the bunch and which ever one is the most uncorked. I'm seeing that there is of course the SM model (metal tank, street legal, street tires, buddy pegs), the S model (dual sport, street legal, metal tank?) and I guess the E model (which I think is the one I want - plastic tank, knobbies, uncorked etc). Am I on the right track so far? That being said, what was the last year for the E model? Do they still make them? Was that the same model as the KLX and what was the last year for those? How much does that model weigh? I've seen the 3X3 mod mentioned. What is that and does the E model need it? I'm told the old school conventional forks are plush as hell on these and would make a great hard core dual sport for super rocky terrain. Did certain years or models (perhaps with buddy pegs) have heavier springs stock? Do these come super soft and require heavier springs for a 200+ lb rider? Again, sorry for the all questions, but what better place to get the real scoop. Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Thanks very much for the replies. I'll blender all this up and come up with a course of action.
  5. cardoc

    An odd question

    I took a clinic from off road hero Steve Hatch a while back. He did a whole segment on adjusting suspension. He said if want to feel a difference, make 5 click incriments then fine tune from there. One click on one side - never notice a difference.
  6. I have a 2017 Beta 390 Race Edition (which I love) and it has the new closed chamber Sachs forks up front. I'm over 210lbs w/o gear and I have had the suspension revalved (several times) and heavier springs installed. It is much better, but still spikey and harsh over rocks and chunder. I'd like to get more "plushness" in the first 4" - 6" of travel. I saw an article from a guy who had the exact same complaint on these forks and he wrote about simply changing the fork oil to a lighter weight oil. His post raved about the plushness of the forks after the simple fluid change. I "pm'd" him but haven't heard back. So here's my question(s). He stated in his article that suspension fluid and oil were not the same and that 5w fluid was the equivalent to 3w oil. He further stated that he simply used Blue Rock Oil 5w Synthetic Suspension Fluid to achieve all this plushness. I went online to find this stuff and it looks to be mountain bike fork fluid. So: *Has anyone heard of doing this and achieving these desired results with a simple oil/fluid change to a lighter oil? *Is the Rock Oil bicycle fluid OK to use? (Oil is oil right?) *I have read that oil viscosity ratings are inconsistent from one brand to another - so what's a guy to do? *How much oil should I buy to do both forks? *Does the new/lighter oil go in both chambers of the closed chamber forks? *Does this same logic apply to the rear shock of the bike if it's too "kicky" over rocks etc? Sorry for the all the questions, but I really appreciate the input. Thanks much, Man on mission to achieve plushness...
  7. Yes, the weight distribution bars "transfer" weight to the front wheels and attempts to keep the load more even. I would contact a professional business like quality bumper for advise. Frankly I would not tow that trailer with an Explorer. Can you say "tail waggin' the dog"?
  8. I rode XR400s and XR600s for years in all kinds of terrain. I don't remember ever complaining about the suspension. Since then, I have had every kind of off road bike you can name. I can't tell if I'm getting soft/whimpy in my old age or if the suspension on all the newer bikes suck. I have replaced springs, valving, oil height, oil weight, shim stacks, linkage bikes, PDS bikes, you name it. I can't seem to get anything plush. I ride rocks, roots, canyons, and lots craggy stuff. I have spent tons of money on suspension mods at multiple different shops. I don't know why I can't get my modern off road bike freekin plush! So are the old right side up forks from the XR400 and XR600 more plush or am I just having favorable flashbacks. I'm ready to sell my $10,000 off road bike and find a 10 year old XR400 again. Please tell me I'm not crazy. Thanks.
  9. 2012 350 RR. Brand new VIN correct frame and lots of other extras. Complete listing in classified section. 480 560 5532 for more info.
  10. 2012 350 RR. Brand new VIN correct frame and lots of other extras. Complete listing in classified section. 480 560 5532 for more info.
  11. I have looked high and low for a white rear fender for my 2006 RFS 450XC. It appears that Polisport and Acerbis only make black and orange. There are plenty of white rear fenders for an 85 but no go for the big bikes. Any info?? Thanks in advance.
  12. I am looking to ride for the day Monday October 14. I have ridden in the Green River area once and it was awesome. I was wondering if by chance anyone familiar with area might be available to meet us and roost for the day. Or let me know if there are any good maps of the area. Thanks, Marshall marshallgerston@gmail.com 480 560 5532
  13. cardoc

    Ktm 250 vs 300

    250 feels lighter and has less vibration. Modern 250 has tons of power and spools up quick but can still grunt. Plus there is less demand so they usually run about $1000 less. But as mentioned above, both great bikes and can't go wrong either way.
  14. cardoc

    So, you wanna stand, huh?

    Two words. Seat concepts. I have had them all and I can tell you there is no comparison. They have the shape and seat foam density down. Most comfortable seat hands down. I just ordered one for my other bike.