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  1. i have the 01 yamaha wolverine and it has gone through pretty much anything i put it through. i think the new ones look like shit and arnt as tuff so i would get a used one for sure but they are a good small 4x4 and go at a decent speed for a 350 .
  2. snuffs

    Yamaha 05 or 04 yfz?

    so are the 05s better then the 04 yfzs then? and in what way?
  3. snuffs

    any probs with 04 yfz's?

    thats true. if i can save up enough ill get the 05 idk whats going to happen will see.
  4. snuffs

    06' Grizzly Tires/Exhaust

    i think you would be very happy with the mud lites i have herd very good things about them. I have also herd great things about the gators id check thoughs out to if you havnt already. From what ive seen with the mudlites and the griz i dont think there will be any probs with them.
  5. snuffs

    Yamaha any probs with 04 yfz's?

    I am going to buy a yfz pretty soon and im woundering if there are any problems you guys have herd about or have seen with the 04 yfzs? thanks
  6. snuffs

    Ya, I hate these questions too.

    The raptor would def poon it.
  7. snuffs

    best combo for yfz450

    I think im going to go with the Gyt-r system with the jet kit and take the lid of or atleast drill some holes or get a power lid for it. thanks for your advice.
  8. snuffs

    Yamaha best combo for yfz450

    I am woundering whats the best combo i can buy for a 2004 yamaha yfz450? I am looking for a full pipe system, airbox mods and filters and jeting. whats the best combo for this mod. What do you guys think? i was told to go all gytr as in pipe system and filter then take the air box lid off and install the gytr jet kit?
  9. snuffs

    What is a good rev box,

    whats the best combo as in pipe jet kit and air box and filters for a 2004 yfz 450?
  10. snuffs

    Where is the VIN on a Warrior frame?

    its going to be on the left side on the frame tube infront of the peg if not look at the front tubing