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  1. good stuff. thanks for the tip on charlotte and raleigh traffic. In atlanta it was 1.5 hours each way for me. hated it. If I can keep it under 30 mins I am ok with that. thanks again everyone.
  2. ok back on track. I will be good in the triad or triangle areas, riding wise. Sounds good. I was hoping to avoid Charlotte since traffic-wise it is like a mini atlanta. Will see where she gets the job and we end up moving. If she doesn't have a job by the time we sell the Iowa house we are probably going to rent a place in Raleigh while she is studying for the Bar exam. I will hit some of you guys up for some riding for sure once I see what everyone is riding. I was thinking along the lines of these bikes: used wr250x supermoto for street and light track Fuel Injection FTW. smoker 125 with a 144 eric gorr midrange kit for cheap dirt duties. some pitbike for mini mx or an old honda xl70 for mini dirt duties and a ct 70 for the mini supermoto just to be different. ( I have restored a ct70 and an xl70 already and sold them for some money) Just a few more months man I am excited (cant you tell!!) to get back closer to home.
  3. whoa! I was only in Iowa for my wife's school. I am from Johnson City, TN originally. You know just a few hours WEST of you guys. Also was in Atlanta for 8 years. Thanks for the info on SEMRA. If we end up there I will PM you. Seems like more WS votes too. Thanks everyone.
  4. I like Winston Salem too, got some non-riding friends there. Hopefully I will know which city she will be working at in a few months. Then we just have to sell our house in Iowa. We are going to rent for awhile when we get there. And I will buy a bike or bikes to fit the riding in the area. Would really love to do some mini supermoto and pitbike mx as well as big bike stuff.
  5. I have been to them all. The city we end up in will be determined by the wife's job hunt. She is graduating from school in May. I can work anywhere, I work from home now. It seems from the map in the "where to ride" that WS/G has more riding potential with curvy roads and MX and VIR though. I would love to get into a pitbike series as well either mx or supermoto too. Was just wondering what my options are! keep em coming thanks!
  6. any 2 stroke that is under $1500 to get some seat time for a year or so, they are everywhere. Then sell it for what you have in it after you save up for a nice yamaha 450. would be my plan if I was in your shoes. Take a class or two as well. I just hate the thought of buying a used 4 stroke.
  7. Of those three cities which is the best for Motocross tracks: Supermoto tracks: Mini Supermoto tracks: Curvy roads: Trail systems for off-road vehicles only (non-dual sport): I have no bike at the moment (just sold 2 of them) but will be possibly moving to one of these 3 cities this summer and am trying to pick the city then will buy the bike to match the conditions. These are the three that the wife is looking at for a job, Thanks!!!!!!!
  8. excellent
  9. having my helmet on, is the quietest place on earth.
  10. Also Retrofit has been DI'ing yamaha rs100t in southeast asia for the mini cab drivers to cut down on smog for a few years now. http://www.envirofit.org/?q=our-products/2-stroke-retrofit/technology/retrofit-kit And here is an interesting tidbit on the tests they ran on some of the retrofit bikes. " Envirofit’s field tests prove that our retrofit kit reduces hydrocarbon emissions by 89%, carbon monoxide emissions by 76%, carbon dioxide emissions by 26%, increases fuel efficiency by 34.8%, and decreases oil usage by 50% (as compared to baselined, carbureted two-stroke engines). Hydrocarbon emissions (at idle) are 90% below DENR’s new standards (4500 ppm), while carbon monoxide emissions (at idle) are 97% below DENR's new standards (4.5%). " http://www.envirofit.org/?q=our-products/2-stroke-retrofit/technology/field-testing
  11. ktm been promising it since 2005. but no show yet. I thought the OSSA came out with it on last year's (2010) eu model. I think that is why someone posted that this is old news.
  12. Because the Insurance Orgs/Companies give them money too. AND when the helmet laws get repealed in a state the premiums go up accordingly. MY bike when I moved from TN (with helmet law) to IA (no helmets required unless you are under 18) insurance premium with the same company went up over 60%. They lobby hard when you can donate 5-6 figure sums.
  13. Best thing I have used on frames. High Heat Engine enamel with the ceramic additives. Let it dry in the shade then let it sit in the sun on a non humid day or a shed that is really warm. It was super hard when done. Total cost. about $15 in sandpaper and $15 in paint. Do not use primer. sand it down or sandblast. 1 coat, light wet sand, touch up areas that are low and wet sand. then top coat or 2. This of course is not for a show bike. Cheap mans alternative.
  14. I had Dog Tags made with my id, emergency numbers and med info. I am a type 1 diabetic. I almost always ride alone. I wear the Dog Tags 100% of the time, even when not riding. The noise of the muffler makes it quieter inside my helmet. I like that. No greater peaceful time to me than inside the helmet with the bike motor running.
  15. Supercross

    I mute it and have a loop of Braaaaaaap on the stereo. I wish they would bring over the guys that announce motogp or superbike. At least the accents are cool, and they don't miss the accidents.