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  1. My bike(2008 honda crf 250) is making a knocking noise. The bike pretty new and has pretty hours on it. I have no clue what it is. has anyone else heard of this before? I took the top vavle cover off everything in there looks fine. PLease help i wanna ride:bonk:
  2. My bikes making a knocking noise soo we are looking around for possible problems and we came across this. for more about that read this Is this normal wear for the cam and cam holder? I dont think my 2006 or 2005had this much wear. what do you think. (wear lines on cam holder its hard to see in pictures but its there) (look at the scrathy lines on the part)
  3. ok well we wanted to check out the decompression more soo we took it out. I got this video of how loose the part really is because my dad and uncle dont think its suppose to be this loose its looks like it soo loose the decompression part( the part inside the cam) could be hitting the side its soo loose(making a knocking noise). I dunno it might be fine but I would like to know what you guys think.
  4. its a pretty loud knock when the choke is on this isnt a normal engine noise.
  5. we did a compression test and the bike was like 65-70 psi and the bike is suppose to be 57 psi. In the service manul it says high compression can be carbon build up on the piston or cumbustion chamber or decrompression cam. we want to know if the bike can run wuthout the decompression part? because we want to see if the engine knocks without it
  6. he landed to far back hit the landing hands popped off and the sit hit him and bucked him off the seat
  7. here is a good crash from yesterday check it out.(he is fine)
  8. Well we took the cover off and everything look fine. We put it back together and started it agian the noise was there but it seemed the more the bike ran the quieter it would get once the bike was warmed up it was barely noticable. The noise is the worse when the bike is cold and the choke is on. does this help narrow it down?
  9. I started hearing the noise at the end of last ride (I thought it was in my head I think I always hear noises) Then I can home did all my maintaince the next day.( wash, oil, air filter) Then I started it and I asked my dad if it sounded weird and it did it was a pretty noticeable knocking noise. Then I did the oil it looked good and it didn't look glittery to me. So my dad opened it up last night he said the valves are in spec, the chain seems tight, everything seems ok. We will take a closer look tonight because he only took a quick look last night ill make sure the 4 cam bolts are tight and make sure the timing is right. But if nothing up top is wrong what could it be? Piston? Crank?
  10. OK we opened it up and everything looked ok. but i read on another topic about the auto decomp could be the problem soo we checked it out and it seems kinda loose and sloppy in the part that holds it is this bad? and also in the middle lob of the cam there is that part of the auto decomp mine has a huge flat spot in it is it suppose to be like that the service manul shows it round? here is a picture
  11. I bought the bike brand new in august! soo im kinda of upset this kinda of stuff is happening this early i dont even have alot of hours on this bike. Yes i just changed the oil and air filter today. soo i should check? -4 cam bolts -timing -tensoner
  12. I started my bike today and my bike is making a knocking noise its pretty loud. I maintain my bike very well. I dont know what it could be? I have a sound clip its not great but you MIGHT be able to hear it (its noticable in person).
  13. here is c class from mini o's C class from the canadian version of Lorreta's
  14. Ya it is Durhamtown a bunch of my freinds went there a couple weeks ago. I wish I could have gone.
  15. Ya i race at Wnyma because the tracks are actually closer to me then the most of the cmrc tracks. Also Wnyma has a bunch of great tracks and its a fun club. I dont even know why i called the video wnyma 2008 i got barely any videos of racing this year. haha