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    Passenger foot pegs need ('99 WR400)

    Let us know how they work. The only potential downside I see is that the passenger will not get the full benifit of the rear suspension since the footpegs are mounted to the swingarm. Although I got a bike for my wife, sometimes she likes to ride as a passenger cause for some reason my bike goes where it is supposed to go, while hers darts for the side of the trail
  2. darbsitton

    49er Qualifier, Who Went?

    I was at 49er and Cowbell. First competitive events in about 10 years. These were an awesome combo for getting back into competition. I can't wait for the next one. I think I still know how to go fast, but the body has definately gotten a little older and weeker. I am really bumbed that 3 events got cancelled ( 2 due to fire, 1 due to Bin Laden ) The 49er is usually dusty which causes major visibility problems. I am very glad they watered the track this year Howard, if you decided to go to more enduros and would like to share a ride up, let me know. Working on 10 year old knowledge, but for first time enduro, I would NOT recommend the Quicksilver, especially if it rains. Don't get me wrong, it is an awesome event, which will give you a full and complete days of riding, problem is you usually have 10-20 miles to go when that happens Quicksilver is also the furthest south. Any of the other events are good for all riders
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    will this hurt anything???

    I have found Vise-Grip Chain Clamp to be useful in situations like this. http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/Displayitem.taf?itemnumber=5831
  4. darbsitton

    Fight Back with Your Comments

    Made my day You can use Control-C to copy the following and Control-V to paste it if you want a better starting point. ------------------------------------------------- Re: Docket # RIN 0596-AB73 (Categorical Exclusions) America's national forests are one of the country's most precious resources. Our forests are a haven for wildlife, place for solitude and recreation, and a heritage for our children. A heritage that I want my children to be able to enjoy. Please support the Forest Service in their efforts rollback restrictions on use of our national forests, by making it easier for the public to access these resources. If adopted, this new directive would allow recreational activities in our national forests, which are severly restricted by one of the most oppresive conservation measures in decades -- the Roadless Area Conservation Rule. Millions of Americans have taken the time to submit public comments in opposition of this forest conservation policy, which keeps our forests open to the general public. America's national forests need national access. This includes appropriate environmental review and public involvement in any decision regarding roadless areas. Accordingly, I strongly support this proposed directive. Please consider these as official comments.
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    Cowbell Enduro Anyone?

    Anyone riding the D-36 Cowbell this upcoming Saturday? Would appreciate if anyone out there could email me a copy of the route sheet. darbsitton@home.com
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    TT Admin HELP!!!!!

    I am not old, but I do not like learning new tricks. You can make the new Netscape look like the old Netscape by going to Edit->Preferences->Appearance->Themes and selecting Classic.
  7. darbsitton

    TT Admin HELP!!!!!

    Netscape 6 ran good. Internet Explorer 5 ran good. Netscape 4 seemed to hang at some point as it was downloading the page. I am on a cable modem. Suspect that the new website makes use of some features that were not available in Netscape 4. Had similar type problems on a website at work. Reported to the intern that was updating the page and the problem disappered. As a footnote, in general I get better performance out of Netscape 6 and would recommend the change to anyone who is still using 4.0. Hope this helps.
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    In need of excuses

    If you just look faster on the RM I would not worry about it. If you go faster that is a whole different can of worms If you really want to know, lay out a track/loop and take some lap times. Looks can be deceiving.
  9. darbsitton

    KLX 300 vs WR 426

    The KLX is worth half the price of a WR My dad has a KLX 250 pumped up to a 300 with suspension mods, hot start, larger header pipe, stronger valve springs, different carburator, jetter right with about anything else you can think of. He is meticulous and it is set up very good. It made me want a 4 stroke. He loves the bike. He test rode my basically stock WR426 for about 20 minutes. Then he proceeded to RIDE my 426 for the rest of the day with an ear to ear grin. He is now contemplating coming out of retirement for long enough to get the money to buy one. 426 has more bottom end torque, more top end horse power, and better suspension at the cost of a little weight.
  10. darbsitton

    Handlebar Replacement

    Just went through this. Getting the correct bend as well as the correct height is very important. New bars are much more comfortable when standing and do not bruise the outside palms of my hands like the WR ones did. 1) Went to a well stocked bike shop (Zoom cycles in Santa Clara, CA) and grabbed a bunch of different bars and held on with my eyes closed. 2) Checked to see what angle the bar would have to be at when mounted in the triple clamp. Should be around 30 degrees. If you have to roll your bars too far back to be comfortable, you will be decreasing their effective height on the bike, which was part of my problem with the original WR bars. 3) Measure the height of the end of the bar using the ruler you brought along and try to find a bar that is a half inch to an inch taller than what you have. A little bit makes a big difference. 4) Consider purchasing a cheap set of bars with a similar bend to the Renthal/Pro Taper that you really like. Then if you don't like them, you won't feel bad about trying a different bend. 5) Try out other WRs or bikes with different bend bars. Riding my dads bike showed me what a big difference bars make and I went out and bought them the next week. Try everything. I spent about an hour going through all their bars and wound up with KX80 Renthals!?! I am just over 6' and these narrow/tall/flat bars were perfect for me, but I doubt that many people would like them. I ride at Metcalf sometimes if you are interested in checking out my setup. --Brad darbsitton@home.com
  11. darbsitton

    better lights?

    While the rewind may not be possible, I think that Baja sells a 180 Watt stator kit. If they don't, you are probably SOL. www.bajadesigns.com
  12. darbsitton

    Mech help for a friend...

    I have heard that spraying carburator cleaner or some other flamable aerosol around the carburator/rubber boots/engine can help expose air leaks. Engine speeds up when it starts sucking in the flamable aerosol... Don't have first hand experience, and don't remember for sure if it was carb cleaner that worked well, or something else.
  13. darbsitton

    HELP!!California Green Sticker questions

    A street tag is just as good as a green sticker, ride any time any where
  14. darbsitton

    Steering Stabilizers.

    Steering dampner won't keep the front end from sliding out on a corner. It will remove the high speed wobble, where the front wheel slams violently from left to right, kind of like a bad wheel on a shopping cart. This seems to happen worse on high speed downhills when you are on the breads
  15. darbsitton

    Loading Woes

    Any suggestions out there on a "step" to use when loading/unloading bikes? Right now I use a 5 gallon bucket, but every time I wonder if I am going to make it. I keep remembering Super Hunky tales of the many ways that a person could injure themselves while loading a motorcycle. In case it matters, I have a Dodge Ram 4x4, not the ideal vehicle to load a dirt bike into. Please help me, I don't want to become another nameless statistic
  16. darbsitton

    scotts stabilizer mount

    AK, If you did not trim the seal, I do not see how the mount could be "seated completely" as the seal will keep the mount a millimiter or so higher than it should be. This reduction in clamping area may be contributing to your problem. You do not need to trim very much from the seal in order to get the mount to seat well. An Xacto knife works great. I don't think the seals performance will be significantly affected as all important things are still covered. In addition, I incrementally tightened the 2 bolts using a normal allen wrench and a fishing scale* to make sure they were being tighened evenly and to the manufacturers specification of 4 foot pounds. They make a very BIG deal about proper installation of the mount. I was suprised at how hard I had to torque down, but the bolts didn't break and so far it has not come off. * Using a fishing scale, I could determine the amount of force being put on the allen wrench. I then measured the length of the wrench at the point where I hooked the wrench. Torque = (Force) x (Length of Wrench) 4 foot pounds = 4 pounds of pressure on a 1 foot (12 inch) wrench You can also use 8 pounds on a 6 inch wrench or 12 pounds on a 4 inch wrench or 16 pounds on a 3 inch wrench All of these are 4 foot pounds (or 48 inch pounds) Hope this helps.
  17. darbsitton

    Breather Hose Re-Route ?

    I would not insert the hose into the bottom of the air box. You will eventially get some water in the airbox, and that water and grime could be sucked into the engine I routed my hose up behind the throttle side radiator and stuck a filter on the end of it, with an aerosol can cover over the filter to provide a little protection from elements/washing. This was adapted from a post in the archive where a member did the same thing but put it behind the number plate. Air breather filters were available at my local bike shop, just had to get the right size to fit the air breather hose. Easy mod, costs <$10.
  18. darbsitton


    You need an aluminum guard for the big hits and crashes, with a plastic guard to protect from brush. I prefer Fredette Hand Savers over "Bark Busters" because they fit easier. A big hammer can be used to make minor adjustments. http://justkdx.dirtrider.net/newfredlist.html I like for the plastic deflecter to be somewhat flexible in case I take a trip over the bars. Fredette and several other companies sell a set similar to what I have. I don't like Acerbis setup. The "plastic" does not give much protection, and the extenders that can be used for additional protection break easily. When mounting the bars, I rotate them slightly downward, maybe an inch or two below the handlebar. Once again this is in case I take a trip over the bars. p.s. While I strongly advocate using handguards, I know a couple of people who have broken wrists going over the bars, which is why I express a little caution. These same people would have probably crushed their hands many times over if they did not have the handguards.
  19. darbsitton

    Handlebar Length?

    Got 29 inch KX80 renthals on my bike. Yes, I like the woods. They work great for me. They are very flat and a little taller than stock. Got rid of the bruises I used to develop on the outside of my palms and the back ache from hunching over hours on end.
  20. darbsitton

    Converting overflow tank to spare fuel cell

    A WR tank is about 3.3 gallons I think. Suspect the radiator reservoir is less than 0.3 gallons. How much time/money are you willing to spend to go 10% further?
  21. darbsitton

    '99 WR400 - Suspension Help

    For riding the rocks/roots you want relatively low compression and rebound dampening. Too much rebound dampening will cause the suspension to pack up going through a rock field. If it does not rebound, there is nothing to compress when you hit the next rock. I believe in setting a bike up fairly soft and using most of the suspension most of the time. Too often bikes are set up for the "big hit" which means most the time, you are not using a lot of the suspension. Sure, I bottom if I hit big jumps, but that does not happen often on single tracks. Find a nice rock field and experiment with the compression dampening first then the rebound and move back to compression. Don't be afraid to crank the dampening all the way in one direction or the other. This will help you to develop a feel for just what effect the dampening has. Once you think you have it, you will want to find a couple of other sections that have jumps and stuff, and make sure the suspension still works there. Short story: I bought one of Dave Woods bikes back in the early 90's. When I first rode it, it felt like a "damp rag" when it hit jumps and bumps. At first, the bike just didn't feel right, but after a while I realized that I was sticking to the ground while everyone else was bouncing through the air. Now I go for that "damp rag" feel when setting up suspension. I was able to achieve this on my '01 426.
  22. darbsitton

    Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Don't be stupid like me!

    Pick the favorite activity of the most anti-motorcycle person at work and say you were doing that. Do not hesitate to point out that if you were riding your motorcycle you would have had a nice safe helmet, and this never would have happened
  23. Rained last night, riding conditions should be perfect. I have the week off. Just need a riding partner or two and I will be set. Any takers? ------------------ --Brad
  24. darbsitton

    Ride Wed, Thu or Fri? (North CA)

    Fully street legal I owe my wife a little quality time this weekend since I spent all last week riding in the Pinenut Mountains outside of Carson City. My wife works during the week though
  25. darbsitton

    Why 5 Valves?

    Gasoline is a big molecule. When it reacts with oxygen it creates several smaller molecules. I don't know the formula for a gasoline molecule, but here is how propane burns: C3H8 + 5 02 = 3 CO2 + 4 H20 + heat On the left side of the equation you will notice there are 5 molecules, while on the right side there are 7 molecules. The formula P1V1=P2V2 is only true if you do not add heat and do not change the amount of gas molecules in the system. Neither of these assumptions is true for burning gasoline. I believe that more smaller valves serves 2 purposes. 1) Smaller valves can be made to move faster. 2) Using a larger number of smaller valves you can get more air flow since they will have a greater combined area. (Imagine if you only had 2 valves. They would only cover about half of your head. With 5 valves you can probably cover 2/3 or more of your head with valves.) The intake area needs to be larger because, as trailguy mentioned, you only have atmospheric pressure pushing the intake gas in. Turbochargers and superchargers are used to increase this pressure and push even more gas into the combustion chamber. They are basically just big fans which help blow the gas into the combustion chamber. The exhaust gas has the force of the piston pushing it out. This allows a greater volume of gas to pass out through the smaller exhaust valve area with decent efficiency. Hope this helps. I am rapidly reaching the end of my knowledge on the subject. ------------------ --Brad