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  1. tedder2

    Always cover that rear brake

    I'm confused how you "looped it" on pavement and what that has to do with not using your rear brake. Did you highside it somehow?
  2. tedder2

    corbin seat/suzuki luggage rack

    A real custom (not Corbin-style "catalog custom") is about $500-600. Some of us will happily pay that so we can run more miles on our bikes.. -ted
  3. tedder2

    how many watts on a 07 400s

    you can't paste in search URLs. They time out. What are the free watts?
  4. I'm sure a bicycle pump would work in a pinch, but it isn't that much smaller/cheaper than an electric pump. I met a few chaps at the Arctic Circle crossing in Alaska who were really glad to see my electric pump, they were having a hell of a time getting the bead to reset after patching a tube.
  5. tedder2

    DRZ-S digital insterment cluster

    Think about it like the memory for a digital camera: it is stored even when a battery isn't connected to the flash card.
  6. tedder2

    disconnecting kickstand kill switch

    did mine down against the frame where it was easy to see. Took a quick splice connector and crimped it on. That means I can take it off if I ever want to, but it certainly isn't going to fall off or anything.
  7. tedder2

    Tank stickers coming off already - What the ?

    Your plastic tank is aftermarket, no?
  8. tedder2

    My bad attempt at a wheelie

    'video you requested is not available' (edit: available now)
  9. tedder2

    oh yeah.. cheng shin tire..

    I like the Maxxis 6006- in fact, a little better from the 606. It has good road manners.
  10. tedder2

    getting rid of helmet fog!

    Fog City works pretty well if you are talking about on-road fun. The Respro Foggy works well too- and is much easier to obtain in the US now (versus several years ago).
  11. tedder2

    Product review: Suzuki DR-Z Luggage Rack

    I have a Pro Moto Billet on one DRZ and a Tom Slick on the other. I like the Tom Slick better- it lets me mount a Givi plate, and doesn't require mounting to the seat bolt, which is a PITA in my opinion.
  12. tedder2

    Temperature Dipstick DRZ400S,SE,SM

    Well, it's reading the temperature of the oil. It may be lower than some point in the engine, but it'll track along with the core temperature nicely. What isn't VERY expensive on a Harley? I had an oil dipstick thermometer on my F650. It worked very well and cost about $35. I think it was from Thumper Stuff, which may or may not exist anymore. -ted
  13. tedder2

    Rear Axle Nut Cotter Pin

    dual star carries the fuji-lock nuts. I wish I could find some for my wife's bike.
  14. tedder2

    winter street tires

    depends on your definition of 'winter'. Something like an Anakee is good for grit and wet roads, but won't work in snow. You need a sidehack for that.
  15. tedder2

    this is pretty cool

    But if it doesn't work, that is horrible. Those torn-apart pumps seem to only last a year. I use mine frequently- to air up and down tires- I didn't have to worry if it would work when I was north of the Arctic Circle with a flat recently: http://perljam.net/motorcycle/alaska-2006/med/img_2442.jpg Those are cool, but on a single cylinder bike you would have to press the start button for a LONG time to get it even halfway refilled. -ted