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    KLX 650 Keihin CVK Carb Problems

    Thanks all for the advice , Bike is now running ok.
  2. fatlouis999

    KLX 650 Keihin CVK Carb Problems

    Can anyone help. I have a klx650 C1 and it appears as though the carb is not working properly. The bike will start and barely tick over with the slightest bit of throttle. As soon as I try to open it up the bike just stops. I took the carb apart, cleaned all the jets etc and put it back together with the vaccum rubber piece correctly installed as I thought. Result the bike ran normally for a couple of minutes than did the same. Now occasionally it will run properly and other times it will just cut. It is definately the Carb, it runs really sweet when it is running. Is there a correct way to put the venturi/vacuum piece on the carb. It appears as though air gets into the top so it becomes harder for the air to push the venturi up when the throttle is opened. Failing that anyone know if there is anyone in the UK that does spares for the carb ? Cheers