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  1. nwbikerider

    FYI Devils Gulch Trails and area June1 trail run race

    Well, guess this answers my questions about conditions and the possibility of riding the gulch on Saturday...
  2. nwbikerider

    Anyone for Walker ride Sunday?

    Looks like I'm out. Sorry guys, next time..
  3. nwbikerider

    Anyone for Walker ride Sunday?

    Looks like ill be up for a ride too.
  4. I might be interested in a walker ride sunday..
  5. nwbikerider

    Thanks Willy and Gang for Walker Ride Today

    I love living vicariously thru you guys! Tires haven't touched snow or ice yet this year...
  6. nwbikerider

    Selling my trailer/toyhauler

    Two years ago, you'd have to pry it from my dry, toasty fingers.And yes, simple is good. Low maintanence, easy to winterize, easy to tow, and less to go wrong. It was funny how many people would come poke their head in at Odessa or the races, with all these huge toyhaulers and RV's around and say "WOW! This is perfect..." I'd be keeping it but it was part of a deal with the Devil (ok, my wife ) to get the VW R32 I'd been lusting after. And I've only been using it once or twice a year.
  7. nwbikerider

    Selling my trailer/toyhauler

    I know someone local wants to stay warm after that long, wet race or ride.
  8. nwbikerider

    Washington Selling my trailer/toyhauler

    Stay dry and toasty at the races or the trail without breaking the bank! 2005 Wells Cargo 7x14+3' V-nose, 110v/gen hookup, 25gal fresh water tank, sink, carpeted front half, full size bunk, E-track and three Pingle chocks, lots of storage, and including all the camping goodies including my 10x10 ez-up and heater. Might also be able to work a deal for my EU2000 Honda gen. Set up really well for racing out of and camping for the weekend. Tows easy with my 1/2 ton F150. I've only been using it once or twice a year and it needs to go to a new home. $4200 obo http://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/rvs/3493870357.html
  9. nwbikerider

    Seattle motorcycle show dec 14-16

    In my humble opinion, not worth the 15 or 20 bucks it costs. I'll support the 2 wheel community by riding my dirt bike.
  10. This might be a few days late since the monsoon already passed, but there's still plenty of wet weather to go. My wife bought me a pair of MSR waterproof Pak Pants, size large, last Christmas. They were a bit big and I never wore them, and I forgot to return them in time. She paid $100, I'm looking for $60. I'm a 6' tall skinny 165# mofo and the pants were a tad long over my boots and a bit baggy all around. I'm in the MLT/Lynnwood area, let me know if you want to keep your legs dry!
  11. nwbikerider

    best place in Everett area to purchase .22LR handgun

    What are you using it for? Semi auto or revolver? Sig mosquito is a nice shooter. Walther P22 is decent, although small and a bit sci-fi looking. Taurus makes great revolvers for the money, not much of a fan of their autos though.
  12. nwbikerider

    best place in Everett area to purchase .22LR handgun

    You have to join the forum.
  13. nwbikerider

    best place in Everett area to purchase .22LR handgun

    Might also try Adventure Sports in Lynnwood. Very knowledgeable people and they usually have quite a few in the used section. Just don't bother with Discount Guns, unless you want to pay too much from some moron kid behind the counter.
  14. nwbikerider

    Mad River ride report. 9-08-12 What a Whoot!

    Must have been quite a ride for a writeup like that. Wished i could have made it. And if you guys liked billy creek, you should try billy ridge next time..