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  1. mynameislance

    Need a rear lever arm for 2007 rmz250

    Hey guys, I need the rear lever arm in the linkage assembly for a 2007 rmz250. The parts fiche calls the part the "Lever set, rear". I have the linkage piece, I just need the triangle looking piece that the shock mounts to, does anyone have one they want to part with? I found some for a 2006 on ebay, but from the little bit of information I could find it seems to be different than the 07; am I correct on that or would the 2006 version work properly? Thanks, Lance
  2. mynameislance

    2008 rmz250....any known issues?

    Looking at getting a used 08, are there any known issues with this bike?
  3. mynameislance

    250f handling vs 2stroke?

    How easy are the rmz's to start hot?
  4. mynameislance

    more from 150sx

    Parts needed to make it a 200sx: 200 cylinder 200 crank 200sx centrifugal timer 200sx head 200 cylinder studs 200 head stays 200 stock clutch springs Use the 150 cdi box Replace all the bearings while you have the engine apart 200sx pipe (rumor was pro circuit pipe was best but its getting harder to find 200sx pipes) It`ll cost around $1500-$2000 depending on what all you can find used. Very fun set up
  5. mynameislance

    250f handling vs 2stroke?

    Thanks for all the replies...fyi, i`m coming off a 08 144sx converted to a 200, only thing i dislike is headshake it gets occasionally. I`d like to try a 4stroke but i`m a bit leary about going from something i can put together without looking at a manual to something that is more complicated, has the added electrical complexity, and costs more money.
  6. mynameislance

    250f handling vs 2stroke?

    I'm looking at buying a new bike, trying to decide between a new 250rmz or ktm 150sx, how is the handling of the rmz vs a small bore 2stroke? And yes I posted this in the "which bike to buy" section, but havent heard anything back. Any input would be appreciated, thanks!
  7. mynameislance

    150sx vs 250rmz

    5`11" 165lbs
  8. mynameislance

    150sx vs 250rmz

    Coming from a 2008 ktm 200sx and trying to decide between a 2011 150sx or a new 250rmz....mainly interested in a comparison of handling. I ride mainly mx.
  9. mynameislance

    Tried my paddle tire in the snow

    Keep in mind snow tires for on a vehicle aren't designed for riding in fresh deep snow, they are designed more for hard packed and icy roads. Personally I don't think a trials tire would work well at all in deep snow. Try the paddle tire, first without studs; I'm really not sure how much they helped. I've been in Texas for the past 3 years so I haven't been able to try other set-ups but I think just the plain paddles with the ice screws on the lips would be just fine and WAY lighter. Also, put a ski up front; having a tire in the front sucked on anything except very hardpacked snow. If you go with a ski up front and paddle in the rear, take it easy at first until you get use to the braking
  10. mynameislance

    What did you do to your RMZ today?

    Dang that looks nice. I'd suggest getting some clear film to cover your frame (any graphics company should have some); nothing is more heart breaking than spending hours of sanding and polishing to see it all go down the crapper in 1 hr of riding.
  11. mynameislance

    E-Bike Recharging....

    I haven't heard of anything along those lines, I'm sure it's possible but not sure how practical it is. I would imagine the efficiency would be pretty low. However, I could see something using the kinetic energy of the bike moving to charge batteries; there is a new technology out for "self charging" self phones that use your body heat and the kinetic energy from bouncing in your pocket. Like grayracer said, it wouldn't be able to fully support itself. It violates the 1st law of thermodynamics, in a nut shell "energy out cannot be greater than or equal to energy in"
  12. mynameislance

    Need used 200 parts

    ...I'm still looking guys, so if you see anything please let me know. I need a crank too if you come across one
  13. mynameislance

    Need used 200 parts

    I looked at that cylinder but didn't they change the cylinder design in 2003? I know the pre 2003 cylinders are superseded by the 2003+ part number I've been asking around on ktmtalk but still nothing.
  14. mynameislance

    Need used 200 parts

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a 2003 and up 200cc cylinder, condition doesn't really matter. Also looking for a 03/04 200sx head. I'm in the process of converting my 144sx to a 200sx and just need a couple more parts before I can tear into it and have my beast roosting people again.
  15. mynameislance

    Looking for a Riding School Texas

    This mx school is coming up in a couple weeks, should be a pretty good one. https://teamfaith.webconnex.com/events/mxschool