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  1. I have a 2013 wr450f and as soon as the engine is started, the header pipe glows red. Give a quick shot of gas and it backfires on decel every time. It has a full FMF exhaust. Do I look for a air leak or play with a tuner? The bike has never had any kind of tune put into it. Thanks
  2. I bought a new Pro Circuit pipe/muffler exhaust system for my 2010 YZ250. It is only a month old and it is full of rust specs up close to the exhaust manifold. Is this normal? What does everyone do to keep the rust off it? I thought they are stainless steel. I wash my bike spotless after every ride. I wouldn't assume that you have a use a SOS pad to scrap the rust off a brand new pipe (maybe 30 mins use on it) Any ideas? Maybe faulty?
  3. protaper

    Best Method - Changing Tube

    Since I got such good feedback with doing my top end, I was wondering if you guys could share your easy routes for changing motocross tubes. Every time I do it , I pinch the tube and say I will never try it again but I always go back and try again. When to loosen rim lock? When to tighten it back up? Put some air in the tube to prevent pinching? Use baby powder? Any help would be great. I have all the proper tire irons. Thanks
  4. protaper

    What do you guys think? Top end inspection

    Just finished bolting the motor back together. Measured my old ring end gap and it was roughly 0.0024. I think that's good going by my service manual.
  5. protaper

    What do you guys think? Top end inspection

    How about break in? Leaving it at 32:1 & 2 heat cycles?
  6. protaper

    What do you guys think? Top end inspection

    Always mix 32:1. No the power valve had barely any carbon on it. Sprayed it and what was on it just ran off.
  7. protaper

    What do you guys think? Top end inspection

    Wow thanks a lot!
  8. protaper

    What do you guys think? Top end inspection

    Do you guys think I should ball hone the cylinder? I've read people saying to never hone a nickal coated cylinder and then I've also read people honing them when you can't see any more cross hatches in the cylinder. Well the cylinder is like brand new and you can see the cross hatches no problem at all. What should I do?
  9. protaper

    What do you guys think? Top end inspection

    Yes the bike is used for trail riding and recreational motocross. But I definitely don't mind riding it hard
  10. protaper

    What do you guys think? Top end inspection

    Thanks guys. I maintain the bike way more than necessary so I guess it pays off. The bike has exactly 100 hours. I clean my air filter very often, maybe every 3rd ride depending on how dusty it is. I run Ipone Samouri Racing oil.
  11. Just tore into my 2010 yz250 to do a top end rebuild. This is the first time this engine has ever been apart. 100 original hours. What do you think?
  12. protaper

    Top end piston scars

    Definitely scared from dirt. Keep that air filter clean
  13. My buddy has a 01 cr125. There are 2 little drain holes in this motor and not sure where they drain to or if they actually are drain holes. One is near the stator (refer to picture) and one is near the powervalve linkage (refer to picture) Any help would be great.
  14. I have a buddy with a brand new 2015 CRF450R. I know this bike has air forks that i know nothing about, but he finds that the front end always feels like its going to wash out when going around turns, as if riding on marbles. Is there adjustment that could be done with the forks, adjustment on the dampening/compression? Any one have any ideas? He hasnt adjusted anything yet. Thanks
  15. protaper

    Strange Clutch Engagement

    I know i posted this question here before but i want to give it a try again. I have a 2010 YZ250 with roughly 50 original hours. Ever since i bought it, when letting out the clutch, it kind of feels like it grabs then stop then grabs then its all the way out and moving. You can also hear a faint sound coming from the clutch until it is totally engaged.This don't happen everytime the clutch is let out, but probably 1 out of 3 times it does. Doesn't matter if its cold or hot, it still does it. It definitely doesn't engage smooth at all. I used to have a 2008 KX450F and this bike did the EXACT same thing and made the EXACT same noise. I run Rotella T in my trannys and change it every 2 rides (I get the oil for very cheap at work). Maybe this is normal. I used to have a WR250 and the clutch engaged smooth everytime and we used Yamaha oil. We also have a CRF150R and use Rotella in the tranny and the clutch is smooth as silk. Any ideas? Try another oil? Thanks