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  1. bmoore345

    dual sport kits

    I have the Baja Designs kit on my 06 WR450, I've had it since 08 and have not had a problem and I ride it multiple times a week. The stator mod is a non issue Baja Designs does quality work. So as long as your not under a time crunch this a great kit.
  2. bmoore345

    need key ignition

    https://www.bajadesigns.com/net/mainframe2.aspx?login=YES&category=MCYCLE Here you go.
  3. bmoore345

    need key ignition

    I have a Baja Design key switch it works great and came pre-wired for simple plug in.
  4. bmoore345

    wr450 for road use????

    I have an 06 and it rides great on the road. I live 6 miles from work and part of the route is on a highway it definetly rev's alittle high when you are going over 65 MPH but if you are traveling that fast for an extened period you should be all right.
  5. bmoore345

    What did you do to your WR today?

    Topped off with gas this morning for a weekend ride.
  6. bmoore345

    Looking for Riding buddy (Dual Sport,,, Enduro)

    WR 450 I up for riding on Weekends mostly Sundays. Let me know
  7. bmoore345

    Looking for Riding buddy (Dual Sport,,, Enduro)

    I live in Sierra Vista.
  8. bmoore345

    What gear do you ride with????

    HJC Helmet Oakley Goggles Troy Lee Design Jersey, Pants, and Gloves Fox Kidney Belt Fox Chest Protector Alpinestar Tech 8's
  9. bmoore345

    ProMoto Billet Ins. vs GYTR wr Muffler Ins.

    I have a 06 WR 450 and I installed the GYT-R insert it's alittle louder and I felt the power gain on the bottom end
  10. bmoore345

    GYTR Exhaust Insert

    Just bought the new GYTR Performance WR Muffler Insert for my 06 WR. I installed it in 10 Minutes. I have done all of the free mods (except the grey wire) and aside from changing the throttle stop this gave the biggest power gain. I went on a short ride yesterday and I'm impressed with it. It is $5 less than the PMB insert. It's alittle louder but I'm sure It's still under 96db. http://www.yamaha-motor.com/sport/products/modelscitemdetail/5/210/1222/5389/2006/1/6872/0/1/detail.aspx
  11. bmoore345

    Best Chest Protectors for shoulders?

    I have the FOX Airframe and it works good for shoulders I hit the ground twice last weekend and landed on my right shoulder both times. I felt fine after both crashes and the next morning. Hope this helps.
  12. I've been looking for a Dual Sport kit for a while and I was wondering who has the Trick Dual Sport kit for the 06 WR 450? I've been to there web site and checked in out but the pictures they had were from older WR's and it looks like they had to move the odometer. With the 06 having the Speedo I was wanting to see if someone has pictures of there bike with that kit on it. I've checked on the Baja Design kit and it look good but the quality doesn't sound good. I really don't want to waste my money so any info would help. Thanx