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  1. Wheel

    yz 450f DIYs

    Had an 05 and the biggest thing my rider complained about was that it went flat on top end. White Bros Pro Aluminum pipe boosted power everywhere and let it keep pulling on top. Don't have the bike anymore, but still have the pipe if you are interested.
  2. Wheel

    2002 250f exhaust

    Correction. The system is for a 2002 YZ250F.
  3. Wheel

    2002 250f exhaust

    I have a complete FMF Titanium 4 system for a 2002 YZ 250 that I would sell. $250 including shipping.
  4. Wheel

    Anyone have any used a/m pipes?

    I have a White Bros. Aluminum Pro for an 05 that I would sell. Not sure if it fits an 03 or not.
  5. Wheel

    Looking for an 02 YZ250f stock exhaust

    I have an 02 YZ250F exhaust system. New take off, never been run. Will take $200.
  6. Wheel

    big bore

    None of these kits will give as much HP as a stock bore 250F that is properly modified with porting, cams, carb, and piston. Plus, none of these kits are legal for racing in an MX class that is limited to 250cc four stroke.
  7. Wheel

    2001-2002 YZ 250 F Muffler

    Well, if you give me $200 USD and pay the shipping, I'd call it a deal. I will guarantee the pipe to be as stated. New take off, never run, perfect condition. If you are interested, I also have an FMF Ti 4 system, and a Yoshimura system for that bike. email mechanic12@smunet.net
  8. Wheel


    Speed Secret! Shsssss! Don't tell anyone! Use whatever gearing works for the track or trail that you are riding that day. We run anywhere from 13:48 for ultra high speed MX to 13:55 for tight Arenacross tracks. Other than suspension and ergonomics, gearing is the most important mod you can do to your bike. Have an assortment of sprockets and change as needed.
  9. Wheel

    2001-2002 YZ 250 F Muffler

    I have the complete stock exhaust system. Never been run. Make me an offer.
  10. Their pricing is competetive with any quality suspension tuner. Contact them for information and pricing. My rider races A class motocross and Pro Arenacross. He claims that this is the best suspension he has ever had. Tell them #381 Braden Parks sent you!
  11. You are going to have to pull the top end to determine the problem, but I can tell you that the 01 125 had a flawed design with the piston and exhaust port configuration. The ring had a tendency of wearing away the stop and then rotating and catching in the exhaust port. Unfortunately, if this happened to yours, it will mean a new piston, rings, cylinder, and a complete disassembly to clean out the debris. The fix to prevent this from occuring again, if this is the problem, is to run a piston that has the ring ends 180 degrees from the exhaust port. Yamaha cured this problem for the 02 model.
  12. Wheel

    Will my 2002 TZ250F parts fit my 2006?

    The shock spring will fit. Yamaha actually put a TZ700 engine in a flat tracker and Kenny Roberts rode it for 1 race. The thing was such a handfull that it even scared Roberts. He won the race, though, and AMA banned the bike from further competition. Guess they figured if it was too much for Roberts, it had no place on the track.
  13. Wheel

    06 Yzf450

    They have a dipstick and an oil height plug that is located in front of the neutral switch. Why the need for both is beyond me.
  14. We have our suspension done by 4-PR, based in Illinois where you are located. But honestly, before you lay out the cash for revalving, have them first fix you up with the proper springs for your weight. The stock valving is very good on this bike, but no valving can work right with improperly sprung components. http://www.4-prperformance.com/
  15. Wheel

    110 or 100 rear tire

    We have a highly modded 250F, and the 100 is still best except on dry slick conditions. In this case the 110 has an advantage, but only if also mounted on the wider 450 rim.