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  1. crackachase

    what octane

    i need to know what kind of octane do u have to use in a 2003 sx125 please help me i really need to know and what kind of oil mix can it be like 2 stroke racing oil to mix with
  2. crackachase

    2003 sx125

    what i have heard is that the suspension is not as strong or reliable as other bike b/c ktms dont have a linkage under the rear shock or sometin like that.but as SUB says it must just be a little rumor i went look at the bike again today got it down to $1900 and i broght some miner oil with me for the hy. clutch and the little container u put was empty so we put some in it starts dripping out the begging of the line so im like no big deal just mite be a seal/o-ring so im gonna buy the bike for $1900 its brand new any suggestion on what it could be or were can i buy seals/o-ring and do they sell them seperatly.
  3. crackachase

    2003 sx125

    i am thinking in buying a 2003 sx125 for sale around where i live i went to look at the bike today and the bike was brand new 10 hrs on it the guy wants 2000 for it but the only problem is that the hy. clutch doesnt work but i rode it and everything else was fine wat could be the problem and is it worth 2000 u look at the bike it looks like it came out the dealer and also i know about the suspension problems they have is there anything else i should be looking out for thanks for your help