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  1. cdavis40

    How are the black 2009 engine side covers holding up?

    Mine looks shitty, but who cares...the bike rails!!
  2. cdavis40

    KXF250 Fuel ?

    VP U4.2 is the best. Doesn't require you to drain it after the ride. Good, high-quality stuff.
  3. cdavis40

    Help w/ 09kxf250

    I bought an 09 over the summer and for my senior project I am turning it into a heavy modified race bike. I need some experts to tell me what I need to do to the engine, suspension, etc. Thanks a lot
  4. cdavis40


    I just bought a new Procircuit spark arrestor for my crf 230 and i was wondering how big of a hole i need to cut in the airbox and what to rejet the bike to. i live at about 3000 feet elevation but mostly ride in the nevada deserts and sometimes at about 1000 feet elevation. thanks