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    I've been on a dirt bike hiatus for a very long time and am looking to make a return. I have always ridden two strokes and have preferred them for power delivery and weight. But I am getting older and having second thoughts about doing the two stroke thing and am considering trying out a thumper. I went down to the KTM dealer to check out a 200xc they had on consignment, but while I was there I spent some time checking out the four strokes. I really liked the size and feel of the 250 sxf and I was surprised that it felt smaller than the 250 xc (w) right next to it. It felt smaller in pretty much every regard, stand over height, length etc. I am not sure how much of that was real vs imagined but it was my perception. So I am thinking I would like to entertain the 250sxf. I know it is a motocross version, but I have read of quite a few people use them for trails. The majority of my riding will be trails with an occasional put on the MX track. Will the SX be too motocross oriented for the trails? How difficult is kick starting going to be with this thing? is the engine the same as the xc, would it support a starter if I wanted to add one later? What else am I missing?
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    450 vs 250 engine?

    I have a reason.
  3. rcrob

    450 vs 250 engine?

    Anyone? Does anyone know if I can put a 250 engine in a 450 frame or vice versa of similar years (not that I am going to) but I would like to know if the mounting points and physical size are similar. Surely someone here tunes on enough of these things to know.
  4. What are the engine dimensional differences between the two different sizes? Do they share cases and are somewhat interchangeable assuming they are the same year or are they completely different?
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    Best 450 engine?

    At first the OEM motocross frame. I will eventually build my own.
  6. rcrob

    Best 450 engine?

    It would be late model. Really would prefer the five speed over the four.
  7. I posted this on another forum, but thought I would post it here as well to try and get some other opinions. Not sure which heading to put it under, so hopefully this one works. I am looking for an engine to build a 450 single roadracer out of. The idea will be to start out stock and then do some mild engine mods to increase power but maintain reliability. So to that end I ask the question, which is the best 450 engine out there? Before you answer consider the following criteria: 1. Which engine has the best overall power and best spread of power. 2.Which engine requires the least maintenance. 3. Which engine is the most reliable. 4. Which engine has the best parts support (new, used and aftermarket). So what do you think? Based on the above criteria, which is the best?
  8. It has been a while since I bought a new bike (used) but I thought I might solicit some tips from the guys who may buy bikes more frequently than me. This is of particular concern with the newer motocross four strokes since I don't want to buy a high hour bike which is immediately going to need a rebuild. So if you were in the position of buying a used bike from a total stranger, what would you look for to determine if the hours are really low? I have seen a lot of bikes listed as low hours, but then you look at the clutch cover and the paint is worn off and the cover polished by the boots. Does that really happen that quickly? What are some of the other tale tell signs of a lot of use?
  9. So I am looking for a late model 450 and there is a pretty big price gap between the 2006 through 2009 model years I have tried searching the net and cant really find what the major changes are between the years. Is there anyone that can summarize the changes from 06-09?
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    Good to know. Thanks!
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    Anyone know if there is snow up there? Does it snow there? How about actual drive time from sacramento? TIA
  12. I haven't had to purchase tires in quite a while since I ride the dirt so infrequently. I am looking to replace the old tires on my KX-100 mainly due to age. I am looking for a good all arounsd tire for trail riding here in Northern California. Frankly I have no idea of what is good, bad or what is a "best bargain". Does anyone have any recomendations for tires and sources for purchase? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Motorcycle roadracing.
  14. Unfortunately, I come from the two-stroke roadracing world, so I don't know who is an authority on these types of engines, especially when you consider the application.