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  1. thumperr

    headlight Ques.

    welll idk i like to see what's in front of me, but when it's aimed out too far, the light doesnt seem bright enuff. so when its aimed more towards the ground, it works better for me. and plus i ride a lot of tight trails so i need to see whats right out in front.
  2. thumperr

    headlight Ques.

    i know, but i tried messing with it and it doesn't seem to make much of a diff i think im gonna get that PIAA bulb, CRF_250_X is right, the front fender is too high.
  3. thumperr

    headlight Ques.

    is there any way you can adjust the headlight beam on a 06 Crf 250x down because its aimed wayyyy to straight and i want it down a bit more like a 'low-beam' type thing. any tips? thanks.
  4. damn all along i thot it was metz that landed it 1st - i dont pay attn to fmx
  5. i just got a new pair of alpinestars tech 8's a couple of wks ago and i love em. they are really stiff (what i like) and offer a ton of support. and this is annoying the hell outta me - it's spelled GAERNE, not gaeraenaeane or whatever
  6. got a 06 250X and R. both are awesome bikes. the X is definatly less hard hitting, but still a blast to ride. the R pulls wheelies like they're nothing, and the X still throws dirt. both are awesome bikes, you really cant go wrong with a honda.
  7. mineral spirits. cheaper than all that other crap
  8. those have to be the ugliest bikes ive ever seen!! &%$#@! is up wit the # plates, or lack-there-of?? the graphics look ugly as hell too. the muffler looks like carbon fiber tho
  9. yes, the inner of the SG10s are this type of "memory foam" that conforms to your foot.
  10. 08-09 will be the year to buy a new bike. until then, my 06 is gonna do fine PS- the endcap on the exhaust looks better IMO
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