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    Riding in loose dirt or sand

    After veiwing ssevans thread and reading your posts, I think I understand a little better. I think that as uncomfortable as it feels, constant speed is a friend, stay loose let the bike wobble beneth me, stand up in the straight aways, and in the corners sit close to the tank. And above all PRACTICE. Once I put my bike back together (yes I trashed the right radiator) , I will give the trail another shot. Thanks to all!
  2. Slo-poke

    Riding in loose dirt or sand

    thanks ssevans I will look for the thread.
  3. First I would like to say this is my first big dirt bike. I truly am a newbie. When I was young I had a Honda and then a Suzuki 50. I was never comfortable in the loose stuff, so when I got a little older I switched to 3 wheelers and later to quads. Fast forward 20 years...So when my 12 year old son wanted me to get a dirt bike, I thought I would take the plunge. Last Friday I went riding with some folks at work on a freshly groomed trail, so it was about 4-6 inches of loose dirt. Other than practice, and gas on, does anyone have any tips to riding in this stuff?