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    Was up there turkey day weekend and thought the place to be rather empty compared to yrs past. Think Cal City is more the place to be nowadays, 20 miles closer, rangers out there now, or whatever they are, keeping the peace etc.... Anyways, There appeared to be plenty of places to camp. As for the level of riding you are looking for, that can be found anywhere out there at any given time. Saw a lot of big rigs parked on the Jawbone side but if want something a little more secluded, then ya might want to try Doves spring. Road is not paved like Jawbone but it is wide with plenty of offshoots to choose from.
  2. MojaveThumper

    Making a 690R more trail specific...

    If you read the owners manual you don't have to cut anything to change the wheel size. There is a way to program it in there. WHO looks at that thing anyway? Better have your eyes on the trail. As for picking up HP, the treadmill is the best way. If memory serves, every 10 lbs = 1hp
  3. MojaveThumper

    My KTM - LOVE

    Get it mudd'ed up, then show us. OH, why do you run such a fat front tire?
  4. MojaveThumper

    The 690 Picture Thread

    didn't notice the sweden part.
  5. MojaveThumper

    690 confusion

    Posted up on another board about swapping out the instruments. The primary sage of the bike didn't know if it was possible but was willing to swap his enduro cluster for an R speedo. What is not known is if KTM uses one wire harness for these bikes and just plugs/terms the ends of the not used connectors like auto makers do. You will be the pioneer for this. Either way, wouldn't let a little thing like and instrument cluster keep you back from buying such and awesome bike. You really can get the feel for her quick when she starts to get to the top of the powerband, flattens right out and falls on its face when it gets to the rev limiter. You can always get an aftermarket tach. Seen a few people do that with converted WR's.
  6. MojaveThumper

    690 confusion

    Lurk on here or sign up and ask. More than sure you aren't the first to think of this. Actually, cool mod. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=137643
  7. MojaveThumper

    The 690 Picture Thread

    Sweet. Wish you were closer, would love to swap those wheels onto my enduro R. Seems no one can make up their mind if it is a direct swap on a 2010 or not.
  8. MojaveThumper

    690 confusion

    You may be able to order the enduro instrument cluster with the tach and install it or, put an aftermarket on. As for two up.... Take your pillion rider in to the showroom and see how they like it first. THe 690 seat isn't all that confortable. KTM does make a comfort model and there are aftermarkets available as well. There seems to be plenty of power for the bike, I wouldn't worry about running out of rpm's. There is a rev limiter on the bike and as stated, you do get the feel for it pretty quick as to when you are getting to the top of the power band. The big bikes handle like slugs off road. There is no way around it, 500 lbs in the dirt and on the trail just isn't easy to handle. Just got rid of a R1200GS for that very reason.
  9. MojaveThumper

    KTM690R 2010 harsh suspension

    Only two hundred miles on her but will give you my input. One, you have to be tall, anything under a 32 inseam and you might be pushing your luck. There is a lowering link for the bike but have no input on how effective it is. I am on my toes on the pavement and this is in full street gear, even with dirt gear it is not much better. Suspension is stiff on the street, once off road it does an awesome job, IMO, of dealing with the whoops, jumps and trail riding out here in the desert. Most will say she won't carry as much on the back as say the KTM adventure and that is probably correct as this bike doesn't have the subframe of the adventure but TOURATECH makes something that seems to fix that, if you want to use the bike for commuting. Speed, with knobs on the bike the handling gets a little shakey above 85. Then again, I would expect it too as knobs are not street tires. Guys who have their SM'ed out don't report the same issues at speed, in fact, very stable. I wouldn't use this bike to cover any great distance like you would on your FZ. Consideration would be to get rid of the WR, keep the FZ and get the 690 to play on if finances allow. Know I would never consider selling my FJR. There my two cents.
  10. MojaveThumper

    690 enduro R prices

    Had an 06 wr sold it because out here they won't street legal them anymore and it sucked riding alone all the time in the dirt, plus the loading and unloading was a PITA. Had a R1200GS, sold that because it was a pig in the dirt. Sloppy handling, always worried about falling and breaking the bike with me under it, 500 lbs of top heaviness. Bought the 690, only have 200 miles on her, but man what a fun little bike.
  11. MojaveThumper

    690 confusion

    From what I am told only the enduro R is sold in the US. Pics on the KTM website are close but not exact to what is available on the street. Only major difference I see is the tail light position but there may be more. As to answer your question for the deltas between the two models, is the R is an inch taller. Motor, suspension travel, etc are exactly the same according to the spec sheet. Another difference is the instrument cluster. The R doesn't have a tach. The cluster for the R is a clock, trip meter, odometer and digital speed readout. Kinda nice. As for the price, got mine for 10,500 out the door. Your success may vary upon your location.
  12. MojaveThumper

    690 engine oil

    I brought this point up to the dealer yesterday while picking up the 690. He looked where the older models stated "use moterex only". 2010's don't have that requirement or disclamer in the manual. Only requirement is the wt of 20/60 and synthetic. He did say no matter what run that weight, synthetic and, ensure it is MOTORCYCLE specific oil. Aside from that there should be no problems.
  13. MojaveThumper

    KTM690R 2010 harsh suspension

    I just read the manual. Yeah, don't tell anybody. There is a section in there that recommends settings for the bike for various settings.
  14. MojaveThumper

    690 enduro R prices

    Just got one for 10.5 out the door...
  15. MojaveThumper

    KTM690R 2010 harsh suspension

    Pick mine up next week but did test drive it. Noted that the suspension was way stiff. Its been recommended like above, to adjust the suspension way out to soft or loose as you can. Ride it like that for awhile and then you may be able to adjust it to your liking. From what I read, after a thousand miles or so this thing should soften up a bit. How much is a bit? Don't know.