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  1. Short version: I've had a 4" plate in my wrist for 4 years that the Dr says needs to come as it is the source of my tenderness and bouts of limited range of motion. Anyone else have this type of experience and did removing the plate help? Long Version: About 4 years a go I crashed and shattered both of my wrists requiring surgery. The right was worse off than the left and required an additional bone graph(sp?), but both required a 4" T shaped plate and several pins/screws to hold it in place. After the initial recovery things seemed fine, but over the years the left has gotten worse with tenderness and bouts limited range of motion (Extension/Flexion). Dr now wants to remove the plate as he believes it is the cause of the issues, but no guarantee that removing the plate will help. Not really looking forward to the whole PT and recovery phase again and wondering if others who have had plates removed found it to be benifical?
  2. monkey_man

    Highest Bench Press on TT

    Having read the other posts, I belive I'm now in the lead as the gym at my apartment complex is on the 3rd floor thus making mine the highest at approximately 30'.
  3. monkey_man

    Paul Carpenter's secret CRF450 exhaust

    Nope.... that stirs up too much dust. Soon he will simply sit and stare at the bike while remembering what it use to be like to ride it........... See, now the neighbors are happy.
  4. monkey_man

    were to buy a good chain sproket set-up

    I replaced my stock chain on my 450R with the D.I.D. VT T-ring after 1 ride when the bike was new. That was a little over a year ago. I ride at least every other weekend and have not had to adjust it yet.
  5. monkey_man

    Un-even brake pad wear

    Ok, I read the FAQ's and did a search but didn't see anything that answered my questions. If I missed it, color me stupid. Anyway.... I have an '06 CRF 450 and noticed the rear brakes squeaking after my last ride. The rear pads are worn, but only the inside pad. It is almost down to the metal, but the outside pad looks almost new. I've checked the disk and it is not warped or groved that I can tell. Questions: 1. Is it normal for the pads to wear in such an un-even manner? 2. Replacement Pads. What's better? Non-Metalic, Sintered, Carbon? Brand? Thanks in advance for the help.
  6. monkey_man

    seafoam for crf450r

    I'm guessing they were refering to this stuff http://www.seafoamsales.com/motorTuneUpConsumer.htm As for me and my CRF 4fiddy..... we'll pass.
  7. monkey_man

    noob question: stoppies

    Yea, Just don't try it by sticking your foot in between the forks and the tire like you would on a bmx bike
  8. monkey_man

    Best way to get ready for next year.

    Like the saying goes "Jump for show, corner for dough".... gotta get that corner speed up. Riding school is a good option if you can do it. I think motorcross is a case where "self help" is the worst kind. If you already knew what your doing to slow you down, you wouldn't be doing it. Even if you dont go to a school, get with someone at your track who's fast and willing to critique your rides, video your practice and review them. Good Luck next season...
  9. monkey_man

    Jumping position (pic)

    Just my 2 cents, but I think it is a position that is going to bite you sooner or later. It looks very much like the position I was in when I landed a jump wrong and broke both of my wrists. If your worried about the front end being too low, try remaining in a neutral position, blurp the throttle and pull up on the bars. You should actually have better leverage to pull up on the bars from a neutral position than you do hanging off the back. Also if your landing with your butt off the back like that it would seem very hard to be on the gas when you are landing. Being on the gas as you land helps absorb some of the impact.
  10. monkey_man

    What work does your R do?

    I love Rocky Ridge and Muenster. RR was getting pretty bad this summer with the lack of rain. Lots more boulders sticking out in the trails. Haven't been since we started getting some rain, but its about time. What about Lake Murray?
  11. monkey_man

    landing sideways

    While in the air: Counter steer. If the backend is to the left, turn the bars slightly to the left while bliping the gas and pushing on the bike with your left leg/heel. This will help to get it straight. Make sure to get the front wheel pointing forward again before landing. When landing: Try to land front tire first and on the gas. Being on the gas is usually the hard part since natural instinct when you panic is to let off the gas. Landing off the gas is what usually slams you to the ground. Even if you land back tire first, you have a better chance of riding away if your on the gas.
  12. monkey_man

    I suck at whoops!! Please help!!

    Since you stated that it is you first time on a 4 stroke, I'm guessing that your on a new bike (or at least a new-2-u bike). Have you set the race sag and adjusted the rest of the suspension? When you say it feels like its trying to buck you off, is it "bucking" from side to side or trying to throw you over the bars? I'm no pro, and I suck at the whoops too, but after 4-5 serious get offs in the whoops I'm fine with sucking at them. I just figure this is info that will be necessary for someone to give you some solid advise.
  13. monkey_man

    Foot position

    If the balls are on the pegs, it seems you may be doing MANY things WRONG.....
  14. monkey_man

    Whats Your Worst Wreck?

    There was a table top right in the middle of the track that wasn’t that long 35-40ft, but very tall and was kind of a straight up then turn almost straight down for the landing. The face was very sandy and I couldn’t seem to get enough drive to clear the thing. I just kept spinning up the face and loosing speed. After about 4 laps I hit the face wide open in 4th, half way up I found all kinds of traction which caught me by surprise and launched me WAY too far. I didn’t realize I was overshooting the landing until I had already turned the front end down and saw the downside quickly going under me. I panic revved several times and almost got the bike flat again before flat landing from 25-30 ft in the air. It was like dropping an engine block of the roof of a house, most all of my forward momentum was gone. After bouncing twice and falling over I sat up gathered myself and realized I now had a 90 degree offset in both of my wrists. They were both broke. Had surgery 2 days later to install 9 pins and a 6” plate in both and had to have a bone graph from my hip to repair the right one.
  15. monkey_man

    scared of comming up short on doubles

    Practice landing front tire first and make sure you can control the bike enough to transition from front to rear before trying the doubles. I've seen many guys try their first double and they could have cleared it if they didn't freak out in the air and decide to come in front end high and clip the top of the landing.