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  1. billybo

    Garaged for a few months now wont start

    Yeah I looked down the port and its a mess in there. The one valve that I can see is pretty gunky. Looks like I'll be pullin the head..... Are there more potential problems lurking in the bottom end or should the mess stop at the rings?
  2. billybo

    Garaged for a few months now wont start

    So I pulled the carb and I'm starting to go through it. What I'm most concerned about though is the huge amount of build up in the intake port on the head side. Am I looking at a total teardown
  3. billybo

    Garaged for a few months now wont start

    When I got home from work tonight I checked the oil to see if it smelled like gas. There was a very faint oder so I decided to change it out just to be sure. If there was contamination would it be a strong smell or relatively mild? Didn't have time to pull the carb but that is next on the list tomorrow. Thanks for the input so far guys
  4. billybo

    Garaged for a few months now wont start

    Thanks for the quick response. Yes the gas had seafoam stabalizer in it so I actually wasn't too worried about the gas I just figured why not. The petcock on the E models is a little different than the S models which are vaccum fed. The E model is gravity fed so its just on off and res. In the off it shouldn't let any gas past I do plan to pull the carb and give it a once over but I was just curious if the failed petcock could have caused any "deeper" problems than residue buildup in the carb.
  5. Hey Everybody First time poster to the forums so thanks in advance to anybody with any helpful advice. I Garaged my 2001 E model about four months ago at which point it was running great. About two weeks ago I went to start it and it was a little stubborn getting going. It flooded and a little gas came out of the overflow but after letting it sit for about 20 minutes it started up and ran fine. Yesterday I went to start it and no matter what it was no dice. When I went to pull the tank to check for spark I noticed that gas was still flowing from the petcock even in the off position! Not sure how long its been like that but since its been sitting for months it could potentially be quite some time. Anyways I switched the petcock out for a good one, replaced the spark plug and checked for spark (which was good) put fresh gas in and still no start. How much potential damage could have been done by the faulty petcock. Where shoud I start looking next? Thanks again for any advice.
  6. billybo

    Differences Between S and E

    thats what i heard. Have any recomendations as to which bike would be a better choice to buy?
  7. billybo

    Differences Between S and E

    From what i understond it isn't possible to ad the E start (although if it is that is definitely and option). I was wondering what the advantage/disadvantages were for the different bikes if i was to buy
  8. billybo

    Differences Between S and E

    I'm sure this is on here somewhere but i couldn't find it. What are the main differences between the S and the E models? The reason I ask is I have a 2001 K model that i would like to upgrade to an electric start. I am an intermediate rider who does mainly medium distance trail rides.