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    CHM Exhaust Suck!

    Okay. so now i'm feeling guilty for posting "CHM Exhaust suck". I have now called them and like the guy above said they were nice and easy to deal with. They are planning on taking care of my friends as well as my exhaust. I will not be putting it back on my bike; however, I did not have the right to say that they suck. I still believe that there product is lacking quality but the performance of their pipe was exceptional. Just wanted to clear things up for anyone else who reads this post.
  2. mike450r22

    CHM Exhaust Suck!

    Yeah you are probablly right. I was trying to not bash them but I was trying to say that I'm unhappy with the quality of there product. Yeah sure they may be willing to fix the problem and they may have good customer service but there comes a point when good customer service does not make up for a crappy product. Like I said I will be calling them today and will be finding out what they plan on doing. I'm not real interested in having the pipe back since it has proven not once or twice, but three times to fail.
  3. mike450r22

    Honda CHM Exhaust Suck!

    Hey, i've got this CHM exhaust for my 450R and was wondering if anyone else has had as many problems as i have. About 3 months after putting it on my brand new 450R the inside metal screen completly burnt out and cracked. all the pieces came shooting out through the spark arrestor. CHM rebuilt it but now about 7 months later all the welds on the mounting brackets are cracking and the screen is coming lose again. My friend has the same pipe on a 450R also and his inner screen just completly blew apart as well as all his welds and poprivets blew apart also. I'm calling CHM towmorrow to complain and try to get my money back since my dealer won't refund my money. I would like to know if anyone else has had this problem. Seems to me like CHM builds a poor product. I'll soon see how there customer service is.