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  1. I have a 2005 CRF450R with a Trail Tech fan kit installed. I need a little bit larger tank and would like to know if anyone has an aftermarket tank that fits with the fan kit. I dont need a monster 4 gallon, just maybe a 2.4 or 2.7 from IMS would do fine. I talked with both the tank vendor and Trail Tech and neither could give me any answers. Thanks guys. Jake Minden, NV
  2. jakebarritt

    Wanna see a jacked piston?

    http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k240/jakebarritt/MVC-060F.jpg http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k240/jakebarritt/MVC-061F.jpg This is what my piston looks like. Have a wiseco 2mm over ready to put in, but now I am wondering if I hurt my connecting rod. It is discolored very dark where the wristpin goes in. Is it possible to cook a connecting rod? Here was the story behind it. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=413448&parentpage=3
  3. jakebarritt

    Big motor problems

    I totally screwed up and thought the cleaner was the oil. Just grabbed the wrong stuff. It had a oily texture to it so I didn't even think about it. I have some questions about that damn Uni filter seating. I used grease and had to cut the filter to get it on there. The bottom of the filter has a cross that goes from each side and there is no way that will mate with my bike. The bike has only two slits where the filter goes on. I gut the filter and it seemed to seal pretty well. Didn't matter too much because no oil on the damn filter.
  4. jakebarritt

    Big motor problems

    01 XR400 stock except for a WB exhaust Did the Vegas to Reno the other week and made it to mile 415 when the bike cried uncle. I screwed up big time and sprayed the uni filter with cleaner only and no oil and we are thinking this is why the bike croaked. So the bike starts smoking fairly early into the race so we check the oil and its low. We add oil at each pit (about a quart each time) and keep on truckin hopin' the bike will make it. Finally the bike goes no more and seems to sieze up. Our race is done. I tore in the motor tonight to see what the damage is and took some pics for you guys. Their are little pieces of the piston sitting on top of the piston that broke off. Also there is molten aluminum fused to top of the cyclinder wall. I am thinking of installing a 416 kit to get her going again. I am planning on splitting the cases to see what kind of damage has been done down there as well. Do you guys think sand would melt the piston? Who makes a good 416 kit? http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k240/jakebarritt/MVC-052F.jpg jake
  5. jakebarritt

    Top Speed.

    Just an FYI, sportbikes speedo's always show higher than the actual speed. I think it has saved me countless tickets.
  6. jakebarritt

    Will a 450 run out of gas on the rubicon???

    I rode with Shifty4fifty on the rubicon and would say that he should have brought extra gas if he wanted to do this. We did the entire trail and would probably have run out of gas about half way back on the return ride. Luckily we fueled up on the Tahoe side and took the street back. Anyone doing the the entire Rubicon both ways on a 450 should probably take extra fuel with them. jake
  7. jakebarritt

    Will a 450 run out of gas on the rubicon???

    You guys responding cant go by miles on this trail. Its nothing like real miles on any other trail. It is rocks and slow going. If anyone has actually done the trail, please comment. Thanks jake
  8. jakebarritt


    Keep your arms straight. It is much harder to do a good wheelie when you are not pulling yourself up towards the bars. Also, keep practicing going up hills- much easier. Keep going up less and less steep hills to you can do them on level ground. Practice with your butt on the seat. When you do slower wheelies, it helps to shift your weight around later on. Practice on smooth surfaces also. good times jake
  9. jakebarritt

    Suspension Work

    If you are talking about the SF east bay, JN innovations does good work. They are located in Brentwood. My stuff is there right now. 925-308-7355
  10. jakebarritt

    Same rims - XR400 and XR650r - or foam inserts

    We did something like this when we attempted to finish in the 1999 race, we had my buddy's wheels in the chase truck ready to swap them out. I would love to have an entire bike as a spare but I already have the 3 rider maximum on the team. I am new to this forum (excellent forum btw) and never thought of recruiting a TT guy to ride on the team. Maybe next year. One of my things-to-do-before-I-die is to finish the Vegas to Reno race, so if I don't make it this year, I just might put a call to some of you guys :-) Thanks jake
  11. Are the XR400 and the XR650R wheels interchangable? I am doing the vegas to reno race and want to know if I can bring my buddies xr650r (2001 I think) wheels along in case I get a flat. Also, does anyone have any expierence with foam tire inserts for desert racing or just in general? The first year I did the Vegas to Reno I got a flat about 5 miles into the race. Needless to say I am paranoid about getting another one. Thanks jake
  12. jakebarritt

    Dual Purpose Gearing

    I have an XR400 that is dual-sported also and I have a good set-up on the gears. I will double check tonight, but I believe I have a 46 in the rear. Then depending on what kind of riding I will be doing, I just swap out the front sprocket to get a wide range of gearing. I think I go with a 13 all the way up to a 16. This allows you to get a good range without having to change chains. I will check tonight and make sure this are the numbers I run. jake
  13. XR400, jetted, pipe. Average speed guys. We just want to focus on finishing, so we will be switching riders every pit- so I don't need to worry about the added time of refueling the bike. I would rather not have to go out and buy a new tank. I raced the Vegas to Reno in 99 and my bike back then had a 4.0 gal tank, so I never had to worry about this. So my question is, do I HAVE to have a larger tank? Thanks jake