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  1. thumperdt101

    Having trouble in sand/gravel

    Riding in the open desert takes time to learn , when riding a 4 stroke you have to remember that they steer with the rear wheel . 2 strokes steer with the front wheel . In the sand and the gravel you need to keep the front end light . When turning in a smooth sand or gravel wash you can keep your front end light power through the corner leaning the bike over with your wieght on the outside corner of the seat , while putting pressure on the outside peg . Riding out in sloan dry lake bed is good practice . Wide open you can ride 4-5th gear so much fun ... done 4 races out there . for some harsh gravel go to Apex ( on a week day so there isnt all the idiots out there) or you can go out to the end of Losee and the 215 N side of town (NLV) watch out for the RANGERS though . In the rough stuff its best to stand up and let the bike wonder beneath you , all the while squeezing the tank with your knees keeping the balls of you feet on the pegs instead of your heel like alot of lazy riders do . You can lean the bike over and steer it with your knees and wieght of you place on the outside peg along with throttle control . Used to ride a YZ 285 now ride a 06 YZF450 the desert is the best
  2. thumperdt101

    Is this chain too loose?

    Hey crash , By looking at your picture, tighten the chain a bit . But if I saw correctly put your case gaurd back on . TM design works awesome . Cuz a torn up hub will be the least of your worries if that chain flies off .
  3. thumperdt101

    New tires

    Tires , suspension , air pressure and riding stance all have a play in ridin the dez... I just went from a 2 stroke to a 4 stroke and stock tires bite . I ran Maxxis IT front and back took some clicks on the suspension on the 250 ran great .... the 450 all new learning curve ... but same principle... good luck