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  1. SkylineGTR

    left side crank case cover $$$

    well i got no word from mikedrz, so im just gonna go ahead and weld it on monday. I ripped er off today, and its so tiny just from beatin it back flat it almost didnt have leak but a drop. so its gonna get welded.
  2. SkylineGTR

    left side crank case cover $$$

    Im pretty sure im selling it soon. And a cover that wasnt a repair and was a replacement would look better IMO.
  3. SkylineGTR

    How much does a CRF230 weigh?

    hmm...I can say from my personal experience the 230 is noticeably heavier, and awesomo can be sure to tell you my 250X is noticeably lighter. maybe its not more than 10lb's but its most def. noticeable. I would like some actual specs as well. just for comparison..even though it doesnt matter whatsoever. The 450R full tank weighs almost the same as the 250X full tank. probably a 5lb difference in my own guessing. the 450X weighs a LOT more than a 250X. I know that for a fact. if the 450R almost levels out with the 250X full tank for full tank (keep in mind its tiny tank/rads.) the 450X weighs a good 40lb's more. but as a disclaimer. I could be severely wrong. im just guesstimating. I want some specs!
  4. SkylineGTR

    How much does a CRF230 weigh?

    Ready to ride VS. Ready to ride, the 230 definately weighs more than the 250X, I just about threw my back out lifting up awesomodrumboy's 230, its got more weight than the 250X no doubt. I would agree the 450X weighs more. but not 450R or 250X.
  5. SkylineGTR

    left side crank case cover $$$

    Im def. gonna go for this used one if its in just good condition. I have no objections to boot worn cover. thats how they get....as long as its crack free.
  6. SkylineGTR

    left side crank case cover $$$

    pics? please...you will be my savior!
  7. Can anyone give some direction on where to find an OEM left side crank case cover? very short on cash, and have to replace it. anyone have one used they wanna part with? Mines gotta a small gash in it just big enough to leak a little oil. No JB welding/quick fixes. Im selling soon so it needs to be in working order. Just lookin for the best prices...not a member of the TT store....whats the price in there?
  8. SkylineGTR

    My New Graphics!

    black gripper seat cover and it would look alot cleaner. I like. Nice.
  9. SkylineGTR

    street legal-ing

    seco', when you get your restricted you can get your MC license. I was lookin into it so i can get my license an just pay liability on rob-robs gixxer, sell my 250, take over payments maybe. if anything just for a year while i saive up for the car. but 6 months from now you can get your MC's.
  10. SkylineGTR

    Fully dressed?

    i wear my ridin pants, jersey. then just chuck on my piloti's instead of wearing my boots till im ready to ride. considering the only people who see me like that are old hicks in redneck parts of kentucky who, 99% of the time dont have clothes on themselves, i dont mind. But if i had to go to a gas station in town i wouldnt be in riding gear.
  11. SkylineGTR

    a few wheelie pics from saturday

    which corner? lol.
  12. SkylineGTR

    a few wheelie pics from saturday

    and obviously, my typing skills are very advanced, lol.
  13. SkylineGTR

    a few wheelie pics from saturday

    nah, thats not him. i havnt saw that guy before. thats where im hoping to get a job this summer though, but well see... its weird to find someone else that rides where i do, i literally havnt tlkaed ot anyone that ride up there, even kids local that i know with bikes. what trails do you usually ride? i know most people i have talked to say they ride the turkeyfoot trails, but we only hit the first part of it. i love the 3-4 right near the campgrounds with the cobblestone sections, its more MX style track than quad stuff, so its easy to get speed but have the technical sections. i know theres only a few with them. but there great riding for bikes.