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  1. Keep in mind i have seen footpegs and pins break. Sucks to rip a footpeg off onnthe way to go riding.
  2. dirtrulz

    How does a linkage end up like This?

    Find a bearing house and you could likely rebuild for half that. I liked my old ktm350, it had grease zerks in the linkage and swingarm.
  3. dirtrulz

    Rip the Rockies Event / Tour - legit?

    Unless that permit money is used to better our sport and not to hire more natzi forest service officers who just spend all day putting in trail closed sigms i couldnt care less if they baught a permit. I am not into really large group rides period. A group that size can make a trail unrideable in a single pass.
  4. dirtrulz

    No Chest Protector for HareScrambles

    Its only needed if you fall off your bike or have a brach poke you. If you are 100 percent sure it will never happen then dont wear it. I didnt wear one for many years. But i feel better now with one on.
  5. dirtrulz

    Rip the Rockies Event / Tour - legit?

    I think their "medical staff" consisted of two medically trained riders, likely emt's. Its not like they have an ambulance following then around.
  6. dirtrulz

    Taylor Park Trash (Punk Reprise)

    Maybe its not stabilized, he is just that smooth. Does look like your being followed by a drone.
  7. I used to tow three bikes and trailer with a 3 cyliner 1 litre geo metro. Do i win anything? I use a bike carriar on a nissan xterra and an 07 jeep liberty. The advantage to a hitch carrier is no trailer to liscence and maintain.
  8. dirtrulz

    Helicoil question?

    Timeserts take a lot more meyal to install. Many places on bikes do not have enough metal around hole. Helicoils dont strip out, they have a deeper thred profile on ghe oitside, if properly installed with locktite and let it cure you will have no problems.
  9. dirtrulz


    If you are talking dipping your radiator shrouds it will likely not work. Your knees will rip it right off.
  10. dirtrulz

    Trials tire street mishap

    You need more time on leg machines at the gym. Just kidding.
  11. dirtrulz

    95 300 engine swap

    For some reason whem i had my 95 300 i think i used a piston for a 96. 95 was a one year motor for part numbers. I dont think there was any diffrence i could find beyween the two. But it was years ago, could be wrong.
  12. You did the istall yourself, if the clip popped out it will be an install problem and your responsability. Unless you can show that the groove in the piston for the clip was too shallow.
  13. dirtrulz


    The subframe you are lkkely going to have to find used, not likely to find new. The forks you should be able to make just about any front end work. You may need the wheel that goes with the forks and modify a few things. Ebay really is likely your best bet.
  14. dirtrulz

    Where to escape the Taylor chaos?

    We had to buy our own property to camp on. Its getting so bad that if you dont have your spot scoped out by thursday you wont get one. There are people who take their campers up on wednesday to get a spot and leave them there. We dont camp in campground, we boondock camp.
  15. dirtrulz

    Moab a complete F****** disaster

    I have no use for moab any more. Idiots have ruined it and i get tired of riding rocks. The trails are actually really easy, no challenge. Another over rated area attracting morons.