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  1. canuckthumper

    Drz bsr36 carb on yamaha big bear 350

    Sorry Eddy i got mixed up with my settings.Yes fuel screw acts accordingly.Runs best at 2.5 turns out,will not run with it turned in.The idle screw is what makes it hang or pic up while adjusting it,it just doesn't pick up or go down with screw crisply.Thanks so much for your time Eddy. Steve
  2. canuckthumper

    Drz bsr36 carb on yamaha big bear 350

    No the idle does not respond consistently with the screw settings.(picks up or hangs )
  3. canuckthumper

    Drz bsr36 carb on yamaha big bear 350

    Thanks again Eddy,the main seems sorted out.The bike always fires right up and once warm runs pretty good.The only problem is now that it is getting cold i would like to be able to use the choke.It too seems way rich for the old bigbear.Any suggestions on what i should change the bsr drz specs from?Should i go down on the pilot? Thanks Steve
  4. canuckthumper

    Drz bsr36 carb on yamaha big bear 350

    Much better with airbox opened up Eddy .Any rough idea of how much i should drop the mainjet from drz sm stock size?Do you think i can jet down enough so it will run with the lid intact? Thank you for your quick responses Eddy Steve
  5. I know, I'm probably in the wrong thread but wanted Eddies expertise on this carb.My brothers big bear carb was a total POS and I had a basically new bsr36 laying around from my drz fcr swap.Installed the carb starts better than ever but sputters when given wide open throttle.I tried opening the choke when giving it throttle with the same result.Am I correct in thinking It is just way to fat of mainjet(stock drz400sm jetting)?It runs fine except when hossing on it!Any advice would be appreciated Eddy or other tuning gurus! Note :I am a machinst and made custom adapters to fit this carb,but nothing should be sucking air leakwise! Thank you Steve
  6. canuckthumper

    It's cold and I want to ride

    -2c or 28f(for the americans)here in sw ontario. Just got in from a 50 km rip.Not enough snow for the sled(3 inches on the ground)but the roads were mostly dry and I've been itching to here the FCR/MRD/SSW at full battle cry again,so off I went.A little chilly but worth it! Steve
  7. canuckthumper

    Best S/E to SM Conversion Pics

    Nice bike Oconner I've always liked the green DRZ's.Sorry to threadjack but what skid plate is that?Nice:ride:
  8. canuckthumper

    Canadian wanting to buy FCR-MX 39 from TT website.

    My bad saying it was duty charges(actually is gst & pst) just came with the Canada Border Services paperwork. Steve
  9. canuckthumper

    Canadian wanting to buy FCR-MX 39 from TT website.

    Just received and installed mine last week after a two month wait. Performance wise well worth it but the $95.00 duty fee almost made me sh****t!,explain that one to the wife. All said and done $780.00.
  10. canuckthumper

    frustrated mrd/ssw owner

    Thanks for the quick reply Eddie i was hoping you'd chime in. So as long as i do not touch the airbox i can install the pipe with or without the potatoe and s/a until the fcr arrives without jetting.(Knowing it's not optimal but o.k for now)
  11. canuckthumper

    frustrated mrd/ssw owner

    Just received my pipe from dave:banana: My problem is i am patiently waiting for my FCR/MX from tt. I would like to do everything at once(carb,pipe,3X3 and mcct)but would really like to install pipe without having to buy a jetkit for the bsr. Can i just throw a bigger main in from the bottom without taking off the carb for now? What are my options? Steve 2006 drz sm