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  1. button43

    After a week its a dog... need more HP.

    I just did the 3x3 mod and rejetted the stock carb on my 06 SM and that makes a world of difference. If you don't want to drop all the coin for a new carb right now you might want to consider spending the $60 for the DJ rejetting kit for the stock carb. It's not a ton more power but the throttle response is greatly improved. My 2 cents. ...chris... PS. As others stated read the Master 3x3 post. That's what I read before I did mine.
  2. button43

    Street fullface or MX helmet

    I was riding for a while with my MX helmet (commuting 75 round trip to and fro work) and just recently bought a Scorpion fullface helmet. I am not sure which model it is (I would check but I am at work and the helmet is at home) but it is all flat black, looks great, is very comfortable and was under $200. I highly recommend the Scorpion helmets. To me, I love the fullface compared to a MX helmet for the street. It is much quieter, no wind, rain, or bugs hitting you in the face, and your head doesn't get jerk around from the wind hitting your visor. My helmet also vents well so it stay pretty cool. After riding with both I would recommend the fullface. ...chris...
  3. button43

    Supermoto = elbows up

    Thanks again squid! I recently just signed up at supermoto junkie so i'll ask over there. Again, thanks guys, all of this advice is great. ...chris...
  4. button43

    Supermoto = elbows up

    Excellent!! This is the kinda advice I am looking for. Thanks Squid. I know the bike is capable of much more than I am right now, I'm just trying to figure out it's limits. For example in turns I was not sure how far you could push it before the bike would slide out, but knowing that you will scrape the pegs before you run out of tire is great info. Of course I am taking it a bit at a time - I don't need to kill myself. I should have the SM back on the road tomorrow night, after a flat tire a week ago. I am having withdrawls. I want to go try out these new techniques. Phreak I am in Southern California, Ventura area to be exact. Do you know of any good schools and/or tracks in the SoCal LA area? Thanks again for the advice guys. The mod advice you get here at TT is great but advice like this, on proper riding technique, could help to keep people safe and around to ride another day. ...chris...
  5. button43

    Supermoto = elbows up

    I bought my SM about a month and half ago and I am pretty new to street riding and I too have a ton of questions about proper riding technique. Has anybody here gone to any type of Supermoto school? If so was it worth it? I want to learn to ride this thing properly and safely. I would assume that a SM school is the best way to learn? I know just more saddle time will make me a better rider but I don't want to get into bad habits. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks, ...chris... PS. I should probably post this in the Supermoto forum but I thought I would get you DRZ'rs opinions while I am here.
  6. button43

    Worlds Fastetst Indian

    For all of you that watch it on DVD make sure you watch the documentary "Offerings to the God of Speed" that is or should be on the disk. The movie is good the documentary is great in my humble opinion. The documentary definitely puts the movie into perspective.
  7. button43

    Worlds Fastetst Indian

    So true Gary! Dust to Glory rules!!! After forcing my girlfriend to watch DTG she now wants to go down to check out the Baja 1000. ...chris...
  8. button43

    Worlds Fastetst Indian

    I got mine from Amazon - I'm not sure if they have at best buy. After typing that I checked on Best Buys website and it says that it should be available at most Best Buy stores. It's a shame, this movie did not get the recognition it deserves IMHO. I hope you guys enjoy it too. ...chris... Hey Harjp1959, I checked on Netflix and they have it available to rent. I guess it's time to add it to the que.
  9. button43

    What do you put on your rack?

    Haaa Haaaa!! That's what I'm talking about, Panaman!!!
  10. button43

    Worlds Fastetst Indian

    I know this isn't DRZ related. But the movie the Worlds Fastest Indian is now out on DVD. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000F8DBDK/qid=1150740069/sr=8-1/ref=pd_bbs_1/102-8164737-1384155?%5Fencoding=UTF8&v=glance&n=130 For those of you that have not heard of this it is a movie starring Anthony Hopkins who plays New Zealander Burt Munro. The movie is based on the true story of Burt Munro who bought a 1920 45ci Indian Scout brand new and devoted the next 40 plus years of his life to making it, well, the worlds fastest indian, with dreams of taking it to the Bonneville salt flats to find out what his bike would actually do. Man i thought some people here had the Mod bug - Burt Munro was a man obsessed. The scenes of him riding the bike literally gave me goose bumps. This movie had very limited screen time in the US so I had to wait for the DVD version to see it. This is also a very good family movie - my girlfriend really enjoyed it as well. Also on the DVD is the original 1971 documentary by Roger Donaldson (who also directed TWFI) about Burt Munro called "Offerings to the God of Speed". The documentary shows real interviews of Burt Munro, and footage of him piloting his bike. The documentary is even cooler then the movie. Like I said i realize this isn't DRZ related but as fellow motorcycle enthusiasts I think you guys would enjoy and appreciate this movie. ...chris...
  11. button43

    So now I'm afraid to kick the bike over...

    I have a 1972 Harley Ironhead - arguably the hardest and most dangerous harley to kick over. I believe there is only about 3/16" of gear overlap on the kicker gear. They are very prone to slipping resulting in your very committed kick attempt disengaging and hyperextending your knee. After I screwed my knee up a few time and some buddys hurting themselves I finally installed an electric start. I have talked to some oldtimers about what they call "Sportster Knee" I know what you went through and understand why you are gun shy. Make sure you are kicking on the compression stroke. Best of Luck! ...chris...
  12. button43

    Got a flat. Do I need a new tire?

    Sounds good. Thanks colhogg. I think I know a place that is pretty reputable so I'll give them a call tomorrow.
  13. button43

    Poor Eddie

    I know I definitely appreciate it!! Thanks Eddie!!
  14. button43

    Got a flat. Do I need a new tire?

    Thanks for the advice fellas! Should I just be able take the tire to my local suzuki dealership to get the tire repaired? ...chris...
  15. I got a good size nail in my rear tire on my way to work on Tuesday I still have the stock 208's (it's an 06 SM) and they are near brand new seeing that the bike is only about 1.5 months old. So from my understanding the on the SM the run tubes in the tubeless 208's. So do I just need to get a new tube or do I need to get a new tire? If I get a new tire is it bad to mix and match brands IE. an Avon on the back while keeping the stock Dunlop up front? Thanks for your help. ...chris... PS. from my research here on the TT forums If I have to get a new tire I am leaning to the Avon Distanza 160 -60. Any other recommendations? Who makes the pilot power? Pirelli?