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    WR Seat Foam Sucks

    I put the regular height, soft foam on my 06. When I first got it, before installation, I compared it to the stock one (removed from cover), and I couldn't tell a difference. So I called Guts and told them, and they very graciously offered to send me another, which they promptly did. I got the second one, and it felt the same way. I was a little perturbed, and installed it anyway. Well, the egg is on my face on this one. You can't judge foam until its actually on the bike. The seat is now awsome. No more monkey butt and I called and apologized to Guts for my mistake, and offered to send them enough to cover their shipping on the replacement foam. They wouldn't hear of it. In my book, great company to do business with. Great product, and even better customer service, which is rare these days.
  2. 10Pin

    Question for Moto 911 users

    Does it eliminate it? no, however, I have found I have quicker recovery when I use it. Beware tho, the long term recovery is much longer using it, than not using it. Let me clarify. I am the poster boy for arm pump and I have tried EVERYTHING. When I race, I get arm pump within 5 minutes of the start. When I use the spray, my arm feeling comes back after a short time of shaking out my arms and I can go race speed again. Lather, rinse, repeat. Long term, it takes 3-4 days for all the swelling to go away after the race.
  3. Everything else aside, don't settle for anything that does not have a remote on/off or start/stop. I did, and will likely buy another one just to get that feature. Its a royal pain to turn it on on the starting line of a race, and then get it all put away.
  4. I pull a 5x8 with an 05 GMC Canyon, with the I5 motor in it. I get around 23 on the road without the trailer, and about 19 with. This assumes your going 65 or less. Once you cross the 75 threshhold, your looking at around 8. It pulls overdrive with no sweat anywhere in the speed range.
  5. Ragen is now out of business per a good friend who owns an RV repair business.
  6. 10Pin

    WW class action lawsuit

    Man oh man, this is a bit spooky. I am currently shopping for a new hauler myself and I have been trying to read all I can trying to make a good, informed decision on what to buy. My first direction was in the 23-26' range, and now have decided to upgrade the truck, and go with a larger 40' fifth wheel arrangement. Now, after reading a lot of this, and also learning that Rage'N (sp?) has gone out of business, it leaves a new potential buyer wondering if a motorhome is a safer alternative for the long term.
  7. 10Pin

    Spring calculator

    Thank you very much, thats exactly what I was looking for
  8. 10Pin

    Spring calculator

    A few weeks ago, I stumbled on a fork/shock spring calculator somewhere, someplace. A person would input what bike they ride, weight, what conditions they rode/raced, and ability and it would spit out what spring rate they felt was appropriate. I thought I had saved the site, but now its disappeared like an accused politician. Would somebody post a link to that site if they happen to have it? Thanks...
  9. I think some are missing the point to the original post. This is only another perspective on a subject. Both sides are skewing the numbers, reports, and computer models to fit their own objective. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle of all this. Let me relate a true story that happened in the late 70's/early 80's. Electric companys in the Phoenix area built what was the largest nuclear facility in the nation (maybe world, don't remember) at that time. Yes, there were the usual protesters, court injunctions, but it finally it was built. Shortly afterwards, there was the usual claims of a lack of safety. 60 Minutes, a highly respected news magazine wanted to do a story on the plant. The electric company said yes, as long as they could also film everything that 60 Minutes did at the same time. When the final story was aired, it was unbelievable what was said. To hear their story, the entire metro Phx area was about to be obliterated and hundreds of square miles were to be nothing but toxic waste for the next 10,000 years. Shortly afterwards, the utility comnpany wanted to air what was really said in the so called interviews. 60Minutes went to court to stop their broadcast of the entire interviews, and won. The utility could only show the entire piece in private shows. I saw this tape. They even went so far as to play each interview back to back with the aired 60 Minutes version. All you could do was shake your head in amazement. They would ask a particular question, then edit it down, pull a statement from here and there, to give them the agenda they wanted to put across. The 60 Minutes crew could make an arguement that the sky is pink, and show expert opinion as to why it is truely pink, and that our perception that it is blue is only our mind playing tricks on us. Yes, I am very jaded to news stories on any level to this day. What is my point?? Anyone can give any number of purported facts, eyewitness accounts, computer models to prove a point that suits their particular agenda. So everyone, take this with a grain of salt, BOTH SIDES of this issue. Don't be so closed minded to think that just because we have been preached to that our cars and power plants are causing global warming, that its the gospel truth.
  10. I must say, I am the biggest skeptic in the world when it comes to news stories. I won't go into why, but whenever I see a tv program, newspaper, or any news source, I wonder what they are not saying, or conveniently leave out to suit their personal agenda. I am NOT saying I believe every word of that video, but it is very refreshing to finally see another side of the "global warming" issue. It was rather long, but well worth the time to watch, and wonder.
  11. Is there a website for Johns shop?
  12. 10Pin

    case saver

    I just installed a 14T countershaft sprocket, and the case saver is exceedingly close. So, I pulled it off and was going to take a grinder to it when I saw that its stamped 13T. Does Yamaha (looked on website and didn't see it) make one, or an aftermarket company that gives enough clearance for a 14T? I don't mind grinding the stock one, but it has got to make it a bit weaker and would prefer to get one thats made for the size I want to run. Any suggestions?
  13. I put on a new mag drain plug from TT. It bolted right on and the threads are not too tight like some aftermarket bolts that take the hands of a surgeon to get started. Some may say no big deal, but to us old farts, its appreciated. I raced it once, then changed the oil and saw no evidence of seepage and the magnet part of it seemed to be very strong and picked up the smallest of parts (wasn't much there thank god).
  14. 10Pin

    Sidi Crossfires

    They are indeed crossfires complete with the little goody bags and all. I know I was lucky in finding it and not a lot of others They only thing I regret was not going after the WB complete system that ended up at about $300 or so.
  15. Or is he? LOL anyway, I know this will make some of you laugh, so thank god for nicknames in here. I raced in the desert for 20yrs after hanging it up in 91 from a broken back and raced go karts. A few months ago, I got the itch again and bought a new yz250f, my first 4stroke. It seems like I have lost all "feel" of the bike while riding. These days, and this is a good thing, the bikes are so much quieter, and no vibration to speak of. Soooo, my problem is this, when negotiating some slow sections, I am having a tough time feathering the clutch because I can't sense low rpms on the motor, and I tend to just kill it. Yes, I was one of those "idiots" who killed it in the haybales at LACR in the big6 GP. I am not a noob, but I sure look like one sometimes. Maybe I am just a touch out of date or something. I considered the Rekluse, but that seems like more of a patch than a fix. Does anyone have any suggestions?