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  1. psico

    Anybody tried the Big gun exhaust

    I AGREEE!!!...very poor build quality. don't do it
  2. psico

    removed airjet - fcr41mx - won't idle

    it can be an aftermarket fcr-mx.the guy who sold it to me sayd he had it from ebay. the byke ran well before but i had a 48 pilot jet and 100 air jet in. it idled a bit poorly but now it doesn't idle at all: as soon as it starts, it will die unless i throttle it. it seems to not react to the fuel screw. i tried 3.5 turns out or all the way in but still same problem... what do you think? should i try to put the 48 back in and leave the air jet out or should i take the carb off and put back the air jet directly?
  3. psico

    removed airjet - fcr41mx - won't idle

    it's a 41 fcr-mx for sure. it has a tunable ap and no leak jet. don't know the bike it comes from. the slide was in place..never had it out.
  4. psico

    removed airjet - fcr41mx - won't idle

    needle is emr clip 3 my fcr is been probably sold before july 2006 i'll put the air jet back in...thanks
  5. psico

    removed airjet - fcr41mx - won't idle

    anyone know about removing air jet on fcr41-mx please? pilot jet size recommended? thanks
  6. i read on some posts here that many of you do remove air jet. i took it out and bike seems very lean. it wont idle. is air jet not pilot airjet you guys talk about when you say to remove it? that is my setting: fcr41-mx,full leovince exhaust,400 cc stock 200 main air jet 100 air jet (the one i removed) 42 pilot air jet 190 main jet airbox modded (wide open on top and right side) 2.1/4 turns out on screw sea level what's wrong with idle circuit? bike pulls strong but wont idle. p.s. another thing is if i pull the choke bike revvs too much:eek: . :worthy:
  7. psico

    Easy to follow jetting pictures

    MIkuni or Fcr carb? if it's an fcr as i guess search in forum BOG could be an accellerator pump tuning issue:thumbsup:
  8. psico

    FCR Carb...Why so expensive? Good returns?

    i bough a second hand fcr41/mx for 150 $ they all say here 39mx runs better on our bikes with stock motor. i am very happy with mine much better throttle response wonderfull top-end and cheap best mod.
  9. psico

    fcr-mx no leak jet ap timing...

    ok i'll try the mj 190 i have .. las qt eddie: i tried the bike without side panel to increase air and see if it was lean at high rpm..it seemed to run the same as if it was on.. how do i know if mj is lean or rich? which simptoms on throttle?
  10. psico

    fcr-mx no leak jet ap timing...

    :banana: wonderfull job eddie ... i put on a 175 mj (didn't have a 180) , dropped the needle two clips, and revvvvvvvvv!!!! bike pulls hard! top end ripps and low end is much better. no more bog:p . needle position worsened rich condition due to too much ap squirt at sudden opening of throttle as you stated. Now emr needle is 5° clip but feels like i could drop down one clip more 'cause revving is strong at 3500/4000 rpm. lower rpm has no bog as i said but most of the power comes later. 175 mj feels way better than 155 but then i also feel it could be increased. as i said my airbox (i put on an e model airbox) is cut on top as much as it could ad all cut on right side. do you suggest triyng a bigger mj (i only have a 190 at home) or try to reduce hole on the right side to see if its better? and what do you think about needle clip position? should i try to drop it to improove low end? thanks
  11. psico

    fcr-mx no leak jet ap timing...

    i'll try and post results thanks again eddie,william and everybody, i would have give up without your help.
  12. psico

    fcr-mx no leak jet ap timing...

    sorry but i misunderstood the word wideband...i never did this test you said """155 main jet iis way small on a 41 as well""" i hope 155 mj won't cause lean problems to the motor..
  13. psico

    fcr-mx no leak jet ap timing...

    a/f ?? is it an air flow test? if it is i'm sorry but never done.
  14. psico

    fcr-mx no leak jet ap timing...

    sorry last question should i reduce the hole on airbox till i upgrade to big bore?
  15. psico

    fcr-mx no leak jet ap timing...

    200 main air jet 155 main jet EMR needle 3° clip 45 pilot jet 100 pilot air jet i put on the EMR needle third clip, turned in ap screw 1/4 and turned in 1/2 mixture screw. no more bog. bike revvs better! you were right eddie:applause: , low end jetting was rich! the rest of the bike is : airbox all opened (cut) on top and right side,k&n, full leovince exhaust system and fcr41-mx the rest of the motor is stock. i'm planning a big bore but no $$ for the moment.... till then what mj size or what else do you suggest to get all i can from this configuration?