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  1. Thank you for the replies. Does anyone know what happens when a Michelin AC10 or Pirelli XCMH front hits the sand? I've read pluses and negatives for each. Where I ride in Michigan there is a good deal of sand in open areas. Thank you again.
  2. Sorry about another tire thread, but after searching for weeks I need some advice. I have a 2003 KLX 400 (3X3 Mod) that I have been running the stock D756 tires on since new. I am now street legal and would like a similar DOT tire. I ride mostly off-road, the only street miles are for gas and/or food. I also mostly ride in Michigan with occasional trips to West Virginia and most recently Moab, Utah. The D756 tires have proven to be very reliable and have never let me down. I would like to find this in a DOT tire or combination of DOT tires. I appreciate any information you could give me. Road manners are of no concern . Some control in the Michigan sand and good traction in the woods is a plus. Reliability is the most important.
  3. All 3 nipples are plugged off. It starts and runs great. I even had a friend of mine ride when we were in Moab earlier this year. He owns a stock 04 DRZe and he couldn't believe how much stronger my bike ran than his (could be that I have the FCR). From the information I've gathered, I would gain the adjustability of the fuel screw by connecting the nipples on the carb. Thank you for the responses.
  4. Thank you your reply. I will connect them. Will I notice any improvements?
  5. When I removed the ce, I plugged both ports. I did not connect them.
  6. My 2003 klx runs very good right now. I have performed the required jetting that Mr. Sisneros was so kind to give me. The snorkel has been taken off and the bike runs much better than it ever has. I also had to remove the coast enrichener after jetting because it was giving me nothing but trouble. My question is, since the bike runs so good now, should I still replace the stock 60 air jet with a 100 due to the ce removal?
  7. I tried to blow air through hose (wrong direction?) and I couldn't with the other end blocked off. Hose visually appears to be in good condition. Thanks for the reply.
  8. 2003 KLX 400 R. Will not run at idle, must choke to start,and popping on decel. Removed and cleaned jets and passages of carb at least 3 times in the last 2 weeks. The only change I've made to the bike from stock is the installation of a Twin Air filter. Plug is new--since it was replaced the last time I put it back together. Since I knew carb was clean, I started to look for air/vacuum leaks. I used some vacuum block -offs and eliminated the first, upstream vaccum hose . The bike amazingly started right up and runs good--steady idle, no decel popping, and will start repeatedly with no choke (haven't taken it offroad yet). The problem is--the vacuum hose, diaphragm, and o ring all look good. Where should I look or what else should I do to fix the problem. Thank you.
  9. The bike has a 145 main
  10. Thank you for the responses. I incorrectly oiled the Twin-Air and am preparing to pull the carb for a full cleaning. I'm going riding in a few days and would like to remove the snorkel. It seems that many guys have had success with this mod. If I take the snorkel out and install a bigger main jet, what other adjustments would need to made? I have a 160 main jet that I bought when I was going to run a KN filter. Bought the Twin Air because I do all trail riding. Any suggestions would help. Thank You.
  11. This was my first trip out this year. Bike ran well when put away in October. I followed the owner's manual for storage. Installed the new filter in March and hadn't ridden much since. If I do need to pull the carb, should I change some of my jetting while I have it out? Everything is stock.
  12. Stock 2003 KLX 400. Original air filter was torn so replaced with twin air. I went riding this weekend and bike was not running good. I think was dealing with lean condition--stalling on acceleration, popping/stalling on deceleration (not good on northern Michigan trails). Any suggestions would help.
  13. Thank you for your suggestions. I appreciate your replies.
  14. I am planning to get a plate for my 2003 KLX 400R (DRZ400) this spring. I'm having a hard time justifying the cost of the Baja Designs Kit. Here in Michigan, I need a tailight, tl switch, hi/lo headlight, horn, mirror, and DOT tires to get this bike plated. I've been looking at installing an Edge tailight and getting the brake switch to hook it up. I was wondering if anyone has any suugestions about what I should do for the front side, or should I just bite the bullett and spend girlfirend's birthday money on a BD kit. I do not need turn signals.
  15. Thank you very much!!! I'll make those adjustments