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  1. anyone have experience with a 250f big bore kit? (ice cube or the athena)?? i am interested in a possible upgrade to a big bore or just getting a new 450f. i am a vet class....rider wt is 200 lbs
  2. brenthupkovich

    4 stroke reliability

    deided to go with the yz450f. going to get a leftover 06 or a white and silver 07 in mid september.
  3. like everyone else i have done the same. purchased lower end boots and the have had a injury or just wore them out. any of the boots mentioned are great but i would also like to through out the fly talon II boots for you to look at. they are a upper end boot with a removable bootie. i got them this summer and have no complaints at all. well maybe just one they are not a hinged boot so they do take some time to break in. in the end you need to go with what is most comfortable for you. but whichever you decide to go with always purchase good products. if you do not you will be spending more in the log run.
  4. brenthupkovich

    4 stroke reliability

    i am looking for information concerning reliability of the newer 4 stoke 450's. i current own a 2004 kx250f and have had numerous issues with the valves and valve buckets. as of right now i am considering purchasing a yz450f or a rmz450. i am just looking for any information anyone could provide. thanks
  5. brenthupkovich

    RMZ reliability

    i am considering purchasing a RMZ 450. either a 2006 or a 2007. my question for those of you who have experience with them is this. what has the reliability been like (valves)? what about any other issues you may have had? my purchase is either going to be a yzf or a rmz. i like the feel of both bikes but really like the 4 speed transmission of the rmz since i only ride tracks. any information you can give would be helpful.
  6. brenthupkovich

    What's The Suzuki RM-Z450 Like?

    what about the valve life for the 06 rms 450?
  7. brenthupkovich

    05 kx250f oil change?

    first i would like to address the idiots who say each time they go out on a bike they ride 4 hours. come on. you do not ride 4 hours. your bike may be out 4 hours but think about your ride time. it is not 4 hours ironman. as for when to change your oil. i would not go any more that 5 rides on the oil. oil changes are much cheaper than the damage that can occur from neglect of a 4 stroke race bike. ignore this and you will find out how expensive it can be. i would also stay away from the sythenic oils.
  8. brenthupkovich

    My kx250f $ Bucket!

    they suck is about the best i can describe. i am feeling the same pain as you my friend. i have a 04 kx250f and my entire top end needed to be sent to kibblewhite in california. we replaced the valves, valve springs and valve buckets. the original valve buckets cracked apart. after the first fix the bike ran great for a half hour. then after an inspection one of the buckets became dished out in the middle and destroyed the cam. after another round of new parts the engine started but sounded terrible. that is when the entire top end was sent out. i have been out all summer. i am now in the process of getting a 07 yz450f. good luck.
  9. brenthupkovich

    Anyone having problems w/axle blocks?

    just get new ones from ride engineering. you can get them in different colors to match your bike. while you are at if get the spacers and engine plug to match. the lines match on them.
  10. brenthupkovich

    what 450 4 stroke to purchase

    thanks everyone for all the feedback. today i rode a 06 yz450f. loved the bike. the power seemed very usable and not a violent as i expected. it is looking like i have decided on my next bike. 07 white and silver 450f. i called the dealership and have placed the order. delivery date is beginning of september.
  11. brenthupkovich

    what 450 4 stroke to purchase

    i am looking for any information or opinions concerning which 450 4 stroke to purchase. i currently own a 04 kx250f and needless to say i have had my share or issues with the valves and the valve buckets. i do not think anyone will be surprised at that. i am now looking to purchase a 07 450 and i am currently leading toward the Yamaha. i have been informed by some that as far as the 4 strokes go that Yamaha is the most reliable in terms of valve life. taking into account that all the regular maintenance is performed. i have not ruled out any of the other manufactures including ktm. any information or opinions are welcomed. my rider class is vet c. thanks for the help
  12. brenthupkovich

    what 450 4 stroke to purchase

    i agree....research is at times the problem. each time i read a new mag. or talk with people at the track you can make an arguement for any. this is why i am trying to narrow the subject matter down to reliability first. my understanding is that yamaha has a stronghold on this as long as maintenance is performed on the machine. as for the suzuki everyone complains about the 4 speed gear box. personally i like that. i do not do any woods riding so on the track 4 will be just fine. thanks for the feedback.
  13. brenthupkovich

    what 450 4 stroke to purchase

    what about modifications? my plan is to take the suspension to pro action and get it set up for my wt. and riding ability? 180 lbs vet c or does anyone have opinions on the stock setting for those rider specs? other than that i do not plan on doing anything. i anticipate that the power compared to my current 2004 kx250f will be enough. thanks again
  14. brenthupkovich

    what 450 4 stroke to purchase

    well i guess i am going to stick with my first choice and go with the yamaha 2007 white and silver. hopefully this is a good decision. thanks information.
  15. brenthupkovich

    what 450 4 stroke to purchase

    any reason why? what are the advantages with any of those machines compared to a yamaha?