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  1. The click noise is coming from right next to the battery. I have a hard time thinking its the battery because it fired my wifes bike right up, and then I even tried the battery out of her bike (crf230) which works fine and I got the same 1 click. dezdog
  2. I used a new charger for motorcycle batteries, and like I said it fired my wifes bike right up. dezdog
  3. Its not in gear because I can still kick start it, and I did check the conections under the seat and the 2 fuses. I never preasure wash it either. I'll go ahead and pull the starter off and inspect. Thanks, dezdog
  4. I had it on the charger all day and tested with my tester. After that I put it in my wifes crf230 and it turned it right over. What next? dezdog
  5. What does the quickshot ap cover do for you? Darn it I thought I had everything! dezdog 05wr450 with ALMOST all of the tricks.
  6. When I hit the button I just get a click noise. The battery is fully charged. Help! Thanks, dezdog 05wr450 with all the tricks