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  1. thanks for the input..that pic was exatly what i was looking for..now i just have to pick out graphics.
  2. gettin ready to buy a clarke 3.9.searched for anyone who has this tank & a steering damper.called clarke & they don' know if it will fit..any info from the TT experts will be helpful.
  3. its probably just me. it feels like there is more heat from the engine.never overheated.just seems to run hotter now.some one said i would have to replace the water pump with a higher flow pump???
  4. I have the piston that came with the athena cylinder.rhc vales & cams.
  5. I have a bored & stroked sm with the trailtech flywheel & a vortex cdi.just ran it for the first time today & this thing rips. I only opened the airbox 3 x 3 with stock filter.should i open it up or replace the filter & with which one.only going to ride on the street.
  6. not sure on the compression. I have the spacer plate with 2 e base gaskets.running premium pump gas.
  7. It,s finally warm enough in new jersey to ride today. took my sm for a quick spin around town after installing big bore/stroker. think I,m in love all over again with the drz. seems to run hotter than before any concerns with excess heat??
  8. anybody know if the braking pow02 will work with a moto master caliper & 320mm rotor on an 06 SM.
  9. washington twsp warren county.
  10. i'll be running on a dyno to pick the best curve for my mods.will you be offering a kit for the coil.i have access to salvage yards & a shop i could get all needed parts & assemble the harness with some guidance also have schematics available for most bikes.
  11. what is involved in the harness? I'm an auto tech & could probably make it if i knew what is required. the x10 was 419 +shipping so around 450 i guess. my engine is modded big bore,rhc cams,valves & springs,fcr,3x3,full yosh ti ex. would your cdi be alot better than the x10.
  12. I have an 06 sm & following this thread. going nuts tryin to find brake upgrades.already installed ss lines. good bang for thwe buck.would like 320mm flame up front & flame out back.does it matter what year rm for the rear rotor. not sure what to do with the front seems like a lot of ideas but nothing is working without trial & error.
  13. eddie. what year gsxr & are any mods needed to install this coil? also I just ordered a vortex x10 cdi. would your kit be a better option?
  14. about 90% of my riding is on the road. would you recomend the rhc cams over the hotcams.hopefully i will install new cdi this winter any recomendations.
  15. I am installing an athena 94mm kit on my 05 drz400sm. i have the fcr from TT installed. are there any changes needed with the bb kit. also will be installing rhc valves & springs.considering ordering the 187 cams. what is the difference between them & the hc stage 2 in & stage 1 ex. i have a full yosh ti ex with 3 x 3.