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  1. Actually it is the right version of the owners manual that I need! Sorry if you misunderstood me! I need to see how the wording has changed in the newer amended version,and also the diagram.Cheers
  2. Thanks for that. Trouble is, is that you have to buy the manual! It won't let me look at the pages.
  3. Sorry,but do you have a link I can follow for the manual? Thanks.
  4. Was your mates bike a 2006? Was he following the manuals instructions? Cheers. Jane
  5. Hi there guys, My son is having an issue with Kawasaki and a warranty claim and he desperatly needs a copy of the page of the that tells you how to change the oil filter in the owners manual. The manual he had told him to put it in the wrong way round and his brand new KXF250 2006 seized! Can anybody out there help? A scanned copy will do! Thanks alot.