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  1. 924racing

    What do Cams do?

    so basically I can shift the torque to low end or to the top end. It's more of a tuning thing am I right?
  2. 924racing

    06 CRF250R what should I do to it??

    More power is definatly nice being almost 200 lbs. and 6' 2"
  3. 924racing

    What do Cams do?

    What do the interchangeable cams do? what will I notice?
  4. What things are going to give me the most bang for my buck? I'm going to have the suspension done so I just want to know as far as engine mods.
  5. 924racing

    06 CRF250R hard to start when hot

    I have the 06 and from what your saying make sure you don't twist the throttle! Always make sure it's in Nuetral, because these bikes are super hard to start in gear. then pull the hot start and kick it 4 times if no luck let go of the hot start and kick it 3 times. and repeat untill it starts. If it remains hard to start after these things then check the valves.
  6. 924racing

    CRF250R Any thing I should get?

    is their any things that are night an day differance when you change them? I was thinking about a accelerator pump, are they good buys?
  7. 924racing

    Should i buy the 05 or 06 CRF250R

    I just bought an 06' and I have had No problems with bog, as long as you keep it in a low gear when your going slow (duh) and a high gear when going fast (again duh) then you'll be fine. The only problem I have had so far is keeping the front end on the ground. I just came off an 04' CR125R so this is a huge differance in power.