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  1. Swind

    Where the heck are the tug hill tribe?

    DRZ I feel your pain. Had a simple seal to replace on mine after the spring rain. Replaced seal with no issues and was riding around the back yard a bit to make sure there were no leaks. Then chug chug chug bike quits??????? After a couple minutes of checking I realized it was outta gas:prof: !! This struck me odd since I had filled the bikes last week and not used them. So I started looking around and come to find out my gas cans in the garage were stolen and the bikes and riding lawn mower were empty. Oh well, nothing valuable was stolen, so I'm guessing some kids did it. On a brighter note 1 of the cans was full of Kerosine so I'm thinking hahahahahahahahaha run on that jerks:applause: I'm am really trying to break some time away very soon at least for some short rides. Dale
  2. Swind

    Where the heck are the tug hill tribe?

    I would love to be able to get in a ride. Right now I am swamped with work and I am pounding long hours. Hopefully it will let up soon, so I can get in more riding. Dale
  3. Swind

    Anyone in upstate new york?

    Yup I'm still alive To the Tug hillers and "Ravine vets" I'm back in action. I started clearing trails already and hope to hook up with some of you guys this summer. I am not responsible for lost turn signals, scratched plastic, flat tires, bruised egos and bad jokes <--- ok that 1 is me. Dennis,Dave,Kevin,Randy and those I have forgotten, hope you are all still reading here. Dale
  4. Swind

    Anyone in upstate new york?

    Hey, sry I've been MIA this spring. Haven't had a day off work in months. The bikes are ready to go, just collecting dust at the moment. I'll try to check in more often now that it's getting super nice outside. Wataflake, your best bet is to give me a call if ya want to ride. Dale
  5. Swind

    klx 300??

    Plan on doing the timing chain first thing though as a precaution.
  6. Swind

    Starting a HOT KLX (during a race)

    This will probably catch some crap but I don't care. When hot after dumping or stalling either of my KLX's I simply hold throttle wide open and kick twice sometimes 3 times if it's really bad. keep it open until it revs up half or so to clean it out. Works every time for me.
  7. If you haven't located one yet, I have a couple of them. Throw me a PM if you still need one. Dale
  8. Swind

    Anyone in upstate new york?

    Hello all and welcome to riding season again. Wataflake... I haven't been posting but I did manage to ride through the winter with atleast 1 ride every month. I must admit a couple were VERY cold. Moto gear just isn't meant for winter. I hope to start clearing trails shortly, but we still have alot of snow inside the woods. There is a poker run up north within the next couple of weeks you guys might be interested in. It's kinda set up for quads but we rode it on bikes last year and the police ignored the atvs for the day so roads and towns were opened up to those who could behave themselves. I'll get the date and post where and when for those interested. Last year over 300 people registered for the run. Dale
  9. Swind

    07 KLX 250 Gearing.

    Drop 1 tooth on the front and it'll be right on. It'll cost you about $15 and no new chain needed. I've made this switch on 3 of the klx's I've owned and it's perfect for trails. You will have first for crawling or starting off and then 2nd will become your low gear for most tight stuff. This will allow the bike to still pull a strong 60+mph for getting across open ground.
  10. Swind

    Trails in Central NY???

    Anyone wishing to ride the trails here in Deruyter, please respond prior to Sun. I think you'll be ok with the deathwings. We've run the trails with really roached tires before. It makes it tougher but still do-able. What size is your back tire? I have some really good take-offs that are 75% plus. If the size is right we could swap one before the ride. 100/100/18 Dale
  11. Swind

    Trails in Central NY???

    LOL Death wings? I haven't heard that exact term before. Are you referring to fairings?
  12. Swind

    Trails in Central NY???

    Sat. 37 F and possible rain/ snow Sun 49 F and cloudy with no rain/snow I would be willing to ride. Who wants in for Sun. ? Dale
  13. Swind

    anyone from the Rochester NY area?

    What type of riding areas are you looking for? How far are you willing to drive? These 2 bits of info will probably help you get more responses.
  14. Don't be too trusting in your dealer. My 300 was in the dealer 3 times for a sound that sounded just like yours. They replaced cams, guides, tensioners, shimmed valves,piston,wrist pin and still no change in the sound. I replaced the chain and poof sound gone. Measure the chain stretch before you go any further or just replace it. The chain isn't expensive and it's not hard to install. Just my 2 cents and I'm sure others will say something else.
  15. Swind

    Long Island Impounds

    There must be more to this story that we are not hearing. So what's the real deal?