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  1. Someone mentioned a KTM200exc, those things are about like 7 grand new, they are probably used mostly for motocross. Yeh i have been looking on different sites, (best site:" http://www.4strokes.com/models/ "), and the best trail bike 4 stroke for the price and the size seems to be the KLX300R, I dont know much about the bike other than its 300cc and its dry weight is only 233lbs! Pretty good for offroad bike. If anyone has some reviews on the bike or better bikes, Im all ears!
  2. Well I am probably a more aggressive rider, I tend to ride fast and stop quick, but I really only have about $3200 to spend on a used 4 stroke bike between 2002-2005, so I tend to want the better bike for the buck that will suite an aggressive rider like myself, but also be good enough to last without as much maitence as a 2-stroke for as i said before will be riddin almost everyday. (by the way: Greatly appreciated guys )
  3. I happen to be 6'2" 165 lbs, and have been told that a Crf230 is too small of a bike, I was just wondering what would be the best bike (crf250/230 yz250f / kx250f) for the price to fit my height/weight in terms of trail riding and the odd jump here and there. Also reliable, because my backyard is a forest and I will be biking almost everyday.